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Complaint (about pet stores)

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I have been looking around for a few bits and pieces for the cats today online...litter tray, treats, advantage/frontline and a cat fountain.

I have been quite disappointed with the range, availablity and prices of pet products that UK online pet stores offer. Those of you in the US have it much better - products are much cheaper and there is a wider range of products.

Zooplus.co.uk is about the best I can find in the UK...but you can't find everything you want or if you do, its likely to be out of stock!

Maybe some TCS members in the UK will disgaree with me. If they do, please let me know as I need to find a good UK online pet store.
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I noticed one of our sponsors, Kitty Cat Boutique, is located in the UK. You can click on their link at the botom of the page.
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With all the online and storefront pet retailers we have here in the US, I find I still have the same complaints.
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I know what you're talking about! I'm in Germany (original home of zooplus), where there are plenty of good online retailers, but when I searched for suppliers of certain foods in the UK for TCS members, I turned up with very few good hits. Even using a shopper search engine didn't help much: http://www.shopperuk.com/pets-and-animals/pet-food/
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I get things wherever I can find them- local pet shops, online, Ebay, etc. But I really try and put back a little money here and there so that when the cat show comes to town I nave some to spend on kitty foolishness.
If you have never been to a cat show find out when one is near you and go- you will find all sorts of necessities and toys and jewelry and cat trees and simply everything under the sun cat related.

You can find USA show schedules for CFA cat shows here, and TICA shows here.
The only difference between the two organizations is in the breeds they accept and how they organize them- either one will be fun.
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I'm inclined to agree. I get most of my stuff from Pets at Home or Jollyes but the cat shows have the best stuff. I go to the supreme cat show in Birmingham every November and the trade stands there have everything you could possible want for your cat. Even if you don't like cat shows it's worth a trip just to get stuff for your cat. I save up all year for a big spend there. A lot of stuff is discounted too. This store is quite good although their mail order selection is nowhere near what they have at cat shows.


Is there anything in particular you're looking for?

You can get veterinary stuff from here (they sell water fountains I think) but I dont think you can get Advantage/Frontline in this country without a prescription.

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i totally agree with you!

I use them: http://www.surreypetsupplies.co.uk/

They have the fountain, worlds best, and a lot of other stuff! It can be expensive though but most pet supplies seem to be unless you go to a cat show.
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It's rather strange, isn't it? Your "proverbial Brit" is an animal lover, so why is it so difficult to order pet supplies? I order books, DVDs, software, and foodstuffs online from the UK on a regular basis, and have never had any problems (I live in Germany). I've really noticed that there's very little choice in the way of pet supplies, though,
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Cat shows - good idea! Never thought of those. I'll definately look into that!

I have used Ebay US for a cat fountain and collars and Ebay Australia for flea treatment, as well as some other online US stores.

UK shops are fine for toys and diamante collars (if thats what you want)....but that's about it I've concluded....save for Zooplus (when they have the stuff in stock!).

The main thing I'm looking for is a good litter tray for a reasonable price. I like the Booda tray I've seen on US sites, but cannot locate that here.
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I must admit the Booda does look like a really cool litter box! It looks small to me though. If it becomes available in this country I can guarantee it will appear at the supreme cat show - I shall watch out for it in November. I use the hagen covered cat pan (with the cat flap) in the largest size. It's the cheapest one I've found at that size (actually it's the biggest I've found if you take into account length and height).
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