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My kitty is a mouse, I swear!!

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I thought I would share a cute kitty moment with all of you

I am going away for Memorial day weekend. I have a very good friend who is also a very good kitty mommy who is going to be watching over my two little girls while I am gone. She had the bright idea of bringing the girls to her house to watch them there, so she can give them more attention and tlc while I am gone. I thought that this was a good idea, so about two weeks ago, I took the girls on a field trip to her house. That way they could see the new territory and Mommy would still be with them. We actually introduced my girls to my friends boy was well, here is a pic of one of the encounters: http://www.patshead.com/spike/jamies...2/girls117.jpg

Anyhow, the overall experience wasn't all that bad. There was a little growling and some hissing, but nothing too terrible. So, we decided to do it one more time before I went away. Mostly because I was worried it wouldn't work out. So, I took them down last night and we took them into the room where they will be staying and sat with them for a bit, then brought the other cat in for a little bit, then we decided to leave them in the room by themselves (just my two) for a couple of hours just to see how they did, and they could see that I was going to come back for them. So, we went for coffee, but not before I left my cellphone number for my friends Mom and Grandpa, in case something went wrong while we were gone.

We were on the road for about five minutes when my cell phone rang. I answer it and it is my friend's mother. Here is how the conversation went:

Mom: So, how far did you get?

Me: Not too far, why what's up?

Mom: Marbles had a jail break. She crawled under the door.

Me: What? She got out?? (Now my friend is looking at me, and assuming that it is a different friend on the phone.) What happened, is everyone ok?

Mom: Oh yeah, everything is fine, I put her back in the room and put some towels by the opening in the door. She is fine.

Me: There were no altercations, right?

Mom: No, no, I just wanted to call and bust you.

At this point I am laughing hysterically, and my friend just realizes that I am talking about our "kids". She screeches "OMG that's my mother!!!!" I was laughing so hard.

Anyhow, Marble is about 6-7 pounds and I swear she has mouse blood in her, she manages to get under the tiniest spaces, from the door (like last night) to my stove, my dresser, and the refridgerator!

Hope that makes someone smile
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:laughing: That is cute!!!
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I can't figure out how she did it!!
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HA HA HA! Thats too funny! :LOL:
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LOL I have a hard time figuring out how mice do it never mind a cat.
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Its obvious: cats are, actually, aliens with the power of teleportation.:martian: :tounge2:
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We should have known!! But then, you're in Arizona, where it all happens!:LOL: :laughing: :laughing2
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my cat is only 5 pound and is also very nimble. I've yet to see her go through a close door. ( i've seen her try many times though...sigh...)
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I saw it once! I was watching one of those video shows. A kitten kept getting in and out of closed rooms, and they couldn't figure it out, so this family put a video camera on the hallway. And this cat seriously just flattened himself, and went under!!
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