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Scully has an abcess

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I got home last night to find that Scully had a lump on his shoulder about the size of a tennis ball, I called the vets but had just missed the vet and my usual vet is away for 2 weeks anyway.
Chatted to the vet tech and she said with the health problems he has had, it would be best to take him to the emergency vets, so off we went.

Vet asked lots of alarming questions like 'any rat poison down in your place' etc, he *thinks* one of the furbles may have attacked him and its abcessed, but there are no visible bite marks (not that there has to be), so they did some tests and drained it.

Scully then proceeded to poop on the examing table and spray pee at him (it took me a while to reassure the vet that he was neutered!) and hissed a lot which is unusual, he has always been fine with our vet even when getting needles etc.

The emergency vet wouldn't tell me anything, but gave me a sample of floaties in formalin solution to take to the vet of my choice, his white blood count was slightly elevated but he said the absess was 'mostly' fat and puss... well mostly doesn't make me feel better!

Now, my vets can't get me an appointment until late next week so I am trying a new vet (that is cats only) because they have an evening appointment free on Monday.

Oh and the others are so worried about him but I can't let them near him because they keep licking his stitches so I listened to them meow at each other through a door all night

Edit to add pic:
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that is scary looking! i don't have any suggestions, just vibes & prayers that it is nothing too serious!
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That is scary! Is he on antibiotics now? Good luck with the feline specialist - I think you're during the right thing, taking him in on Monday.
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Yes he is on clavamox (sp?) pills twice a day for a week
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I hope it clears up quickly! That must be painful for him.
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I would be very upset if, under such serious circumstances, my regular vet would not see my kitty right away.
I am sending major healing vibes Scully's way and on Monday...
I'll be watching for your update.
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Wow -- that's quite the lump. I hope the antibiotics clear it up. I agree with xocats, though, I think that's something that a vet should make room in their schedule for.
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Well the one who usually sees Scully is on vacation and I didn't have much luck with the other one last time the regular one was away, and I reported him to the vet board because he didn't look at Scully's file before giving me advice over the phone because he was 'too busy' then too and the advice was wrong, so that isn't helping my case at getting him to stay late / early etc to FIND me an appointment

After checking out the new place tonight... it seems really good, and I like that it is 'cats only', so I may transfer them all there, the only reason I was staying with the other one is that he has been so helpful with Scully's diet, but a week is way too long to wait
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The new vet sounds like a possible keeper.
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That's if I don't steal her gorgeous kitty
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My primary vet is a cats only clinic. The kitties like going there. They don't like going to the other small animal vets. Scared of the dogs, I suppose.
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Sending lots of healing vibes to Scully.
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I'm sending good health vibes to Scully!!
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Oh dear, that's just awful! Poor little Scully, and he had such a rough time at the emergency Vet. That must have been a terribly painful procedure for him and very upsetting for you, as well. I feel you're doing the right thing to get your brave little boy into the Vet as soon as possible, and perhaps this new Dr will be the perfect match for the two of you!

I'm praying for you, Scully, and know this will be all better very soon! Kisses to your darling, sore shoulder!
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Well the new vet is great, but the visit didn't go so well, she doesn't think the emergency vet addressed Scully's problems properly and he didn't cut far enough into the 'abcess' to find out that it is not an abcess, but possibly a tumour.

So Scully is scheduled for a biopsy for next Wednesday , along with a whole panel of tests and bloodwork that I hope insurance will cover.

In the mean time she gave us some stronger antibiotics to take some of the swelling around it down and some pain meds.
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Oh, I am sorry to hear that! Poor Scully!
Sending mega good vibes Scully's way and many to you.
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Oh dear. You and Scully are having a rough go of it.....
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Glad you found a vet taking care of poor sculley.
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Poor Scully! I'm sending prayers & good vibes your way, I hope it's nothing serious.
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I'm sending lots of good vibes to you and Scully
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I will hope that Scully's abscess clears up without further complications...
however, I am relieved that your new vet is taking this seriously.
Is the biopsy scheduled for tomorrow or the following Wed?
Major hugs coming your way.
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The abcess is already shrinking after an injection and antibiotics, but lump under it is hard and on the bone.

The biopsy is scheduled for next Wednesday.... a whole day without my little (well not so little) kitty

Its weird, my BF had surgery last year and I wasn't nearly as worried as when I thought it was *just* an abcess
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Just sending good vibes your way - there is nothing so worrying as not knowing what the problem is.
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First of all, I am sorry your baby is going through this. No fun. My Trixter (10 year old male) has gotten abcesses at least 4 times now in his time. You are right that it was most likely a bite. His are always results of fights or being bitten by his prey (a gopher was the last incident, a few months ago).My vet always squeezes and cleans the abcess, and tells me to "hot pack" it a few times daily. I take a cloth with warm water and hold it on the abcess. It will help to pull the fluids out. You want to be sure it remains open because it is supposed to be draining. Warm wishes for your Scully. He is sure beautiful! Hope this helps. I am glad you have him on antibiotics. He should be fine, judging from my own experience with my Trixter.

Edit: I didnt see your last post before posting this. I hope he is ok! I will pray for him. You're a wonderful mommy, and it is heartwarming that people love their babies as much as i love mine. Blessings.
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Positive healing thoughts are on the way to you and sweet Scully.
I will add a special prayer on biopsy day and be watching for your updates.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Scully's abscess is just that - an abscess, and that it clears up as quickly as possible.
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Playing the waiting game now, the vet told me not to call before 2pm and I can't pick him up until tonight, is it bad that I worry more when Scully is under the knife than when my BF needed an operation last year?
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21
, is it bad that I worry more when Scully is under the knife than when my BF needed an operation last year?
Sounds perfectly normal to me Hope you get good news and that all is OK.
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Sounds perfectly normal to me Hope you get good news and that all is OK.
it's because they can't talk to us, i think. we're more protective of them because of that.
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Keeping fingers crossed and sending good vibes for Scully.
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