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Bloody discharge

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Hi all.
I just found a young cat in my basement yesterday, lol. She's the sweetest little girl but she has a big belly and big nipples.. uh oh. I believe she was dumped in the area and came down our basement when the door was opened the other day. I've been calling her Maxine.
I have 3 cats of my own and 3 dogs and 3 parrots etc. and I live with my folks. My mom says the cat cannot stay so I've been searching for no-kill shelters all day.
I just went down to visit with her and noticed some bloody discharge. (it looked like mostly blood) Last night she had 2 bouts of loose stool. Otherwise she seems fine. Well, she is kind of walking alittle funny with her back legs. she has a box downstairs with a comfy blanket but she insists on hanging out on top of our freezer because of the heat it puts off
She looks like she cant be more than 7-8 months old.. I figure she has no idea whats going on.. I don't want to move her if she's going into labor, or perhaps aborting her babies because of all the stress or something.. what do you guys think?

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If this is definite vaginal discharge then it sounds very likely that she is starting labor if you think she is pregnant. Will she let you pet her? Can you feel babies moving? I find if you just watch for a while you can just see little thumps of movement without touching them if she dosne't like it. It will at least indicate if shes far enough along for this to be labor.

With my girl she had quite a bit of blood very quickly and the vaginal area got all swolen. It wasn't long before babies arrived.
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Well when I was laying with her last night she let me rest my hand on her belly for a long time. (shes VERY sweet) What I felt was almost like abrupt bubbles in 2 or 3 different areas. Her belly is firm though.. I'm concerned because she isnt nesting or anything.. if she is going into labor I worry I'm going to have to play mommy cat.

thanks so much for your reply I'm going to go keep an eye on her.

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If she was dumped off then that could have been traumatic enough for her to not nest. My girl never nested but they came early. I'd be concerned if there is blood and no labor though.
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My cat went into labor within an hour of the bloody discharge. How long ago was this? She's probably about to give birth.
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big huggs to you, it sounds like shes in labor, or going to be soon, just keep an eye on her, give her lots of love, help to relax her.
Not nesting dosent mean she wont be a mommy. My cat never nested, she just accepted her box and stayed there. But shes a rather good mommy cat, every time my 2 year old son steals a kitten she sntaches it back to the nest as soon as she can
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Well it has been probably about 2 hours since I noticed the blood, theres alittle bit more of it now. Also she had a small white worm in her butt, I gently pulled it out it was only bout a half inch long.. I know its not a good sign for them to be coming out of her like that but I'm not moving her again until she's had her babies.. she's had enough stress. She has alittle more blood around her vaginal area now and it seems to be slightly swollen but I'm not sure. She doesn't seem to be eating right now either.
She is asleep on my bed right now, I'm keeping her away from the other animals since I don't want them to catch the worms.. but I'll be treating everyone after she's found a home anyway.
I picked up a bottle and some kmr at the store just in case.

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I say keep a really close eye on her. try to make her comfortable. keep us updated but yes it does sound like she will be having babies really soon.
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Well, still no sign of babies. She has been laying down sleeping for the past few hours and keeps switching positions like she's uncomfortable. It looks a little bloody in her vagina but nothing else leaking out.. she is very uncomfortable with me messing around with that area now. Poor little girl I wish it was done and over with. She's not even that big but she's a real small cat :/
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what happened with trying to contact the local rescue or no-kill shelters? there is a list of them here by state if you haven't found one: If you found one, maybe they could help with a vet too, or at least someone toc come over and check her out.

Are you possibly able to call a vet if she stays in labor much longer? If the worms are that bad, maybe there is something they can do even with the kittens.

Sigh, the poor little thing.
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The majority of the shelters here said they wont take her because she's pregnant.. theres a few that said they would but they'd have to euthanize a cat there to clear up a cage.. (no way!!!)
I'm not gonna move her while she's in labor.. although maybe she isnt because she hasn't started panting or anything yet and she just pooped again, very loose. Maybe that will stimulate something :/ she went and laid back down after giving me a cuddle.
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I would be careful about letting her on your bed, or if you do make sure it is all well washed before you sleep in it. The worms are contagious to you as well as yur other pets.
It's too bad you can't get her to a vet, I have a feeling she needs one, if she is not very big it may just be a small litter, which is good, but since you only felt bubbles, I'm worried she might be having them prematurely, possibly due to an injury, stress, illness or a severe case of worms.
The loose stool is most likely just because she sounds like she does have a bad case of parasites.
Is there a vet who might give you a deal since she is not your cat? If you explain the situation they might be willing to help you?
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I used to work for the local vet here, and I know that when a cat has worms they usually dispense drontal or something similar... I could bring the stool in for a fecal and then get a medicine but if she isnt having the kittens my mother is going to make me find a home for her asap. I'm actually rather sick atm and having surgery soon so its kinda difficult for me to go very far.. the only places that will take a pregnant cat are the ones that euthanize :/
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