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Dexter's scent sacs update...

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Dexter (almost 6 years old) who has a chronic scent sac plugging problem, had them expressed today.
We were able to wait 3 months in between his expression this time.
There was no sign of infection and the fluid was not thick---
but he did need the hard plugs removed.

Because I cannot do it myself...his vet's technician does it.
We have considered surgical removal but because of possible dangerous side effects, we decided to wait until there were no other options.

If your kitty has plugging problems, and you would like more info., there are several threads in this forum about this frustrating problem.
To locate the a scent sac/gland search in this forum.

I would love to know how you deal with your kitty's scent sac problems.
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Does the happy dance for Dexter
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Last summer Loki's right anal gland had ruptured (poor baby) - and from then on to the vet at regular intervals to have them expressed (I call it going for a butt squeez).

Currently we go every 4 months as per the Vet's instructions - something which will be live long. Our next Butt squeeze date is May 15th - can't wait NOT!!!

Glad to hear everthing well with your Baby!!
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Oh no Helen...poor Loki. A ruptured scent sac sounds dangerous and really painful.
Please let us know how Loki's Butt squeeze goes on May 15th.
Because this is an orphan disease in cats & not well studied, it's useful to share information.
I don't know how I missed your thread about Loki's surgery earlier this year.
I am so glad that everything turned out OK.

Thanks for the dance sharky.
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Poor Dexter, and poor Loki! I hope the next "butt squeezes" go well.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Poor Dexter, and poor Loki! I hope the next "butt squeezes" go well.
I second that!
sending love to both Dexter & Loki
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Before I joined TCS...I could not find anyone who knew about scent sac problems in cats, except my vet.
Dexter & I no longer feel alone with this chronic problem.
Thanks so much for your support Tricia and Dan.
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Even now - when I make an appointment for a Butt Squeez I usually tell them right away that Loki is of the Feline Persuasion because if they don't look at his chart right away they automatically think he is a dog.
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You are so right Helen...
I was relieved when I found out that Dexter & I were no longer alone with this problem.
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I do know what you mean...

Please give your baby plenty of huggs and kisses for me.

.....and the rest of the gang thanks for just being there!!
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Poor Dexter and Loki I'm so pleased to hear Dexter is ok , and i hope Loki get's his bum sorted out soon
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kisses and hugs to Masters Dexter and Loki
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Much sends her condolences. Hers are not as bad but she has them looked at and usually expressed every 6 months. Poor baby either has UTIs or anal gland problems. Surprisingly, we've never had a litter box problem with her.
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