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weird things parents did?

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Hmmmmm...... so sometimes, I think my parents are strange people. Dont get me wrong, I love my parents, even though I disagree on things they have done in the past. So, I'd like to hear what things your parents have done while you were growing up? Here's a list:

1. I started shaving my legs when I was in the 5th grade. I never told my mother because she wouldnt have understood. I was made fun of because I have brown hair, and hair on my legs were dark. When she and my dad found out, she flipped She thought my friends had influenced me

2. She never talked to me about getting my period for the first time, so when I got it, I was scared.

3. I had laparascopy surgery about 4 years ago, and she decided to tell my aunt, and thought it was funny. I went to the doctor last week because my side was bothering me..... Anyways, the doctor told me I needed more fiber. Of course, she made a big sarcastic comment about it over the phone, while my dad was probably in the same room.

....... Sorry just need to vent.
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Oh I totally understand. My father was a doll, but my mother had some major issues that affected me and still affects me although she has been gone for a few years. I can't even repeat some of the embarrassing and degrading things she said to me when I was growing up, that really hurt me.
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When I was growing up, my Dad would spend a lot of time "fixing the cars". He would prop open the hood of both cars, take a look or two and then disappear somewhere else. Meanwhile, the hood of the cars would remain open for hours. My friends used to always joke about it-"Hey, Mr. Ed is fixing the cars again". My brother and I swear that he was waiting for the hand of God to reach out of the heavens and magically fix the cars.

Also, my dad always wears his pants really loose (he is on medication which makes his weight fluctuate). He wears belts, but since he has no backside they don't help to keep the pants up too well. He has this distinctive movement, called the "O'Keefe hoist", which he uses to pull up his pants. I've had people tell me that they recognized him across distances simply from that movement.
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Did you ever confront her? SOmetimes I wish I could tell my parents, but I know they would not understand. It's just like when I had that surgery, my dad felt he had to tell the world about it. Sorry, but it really is no one else's business. When I had that surgery, they drained an ovarian cyst.... I also have a slight case of endometriosis, and I remember the next day my dad asked how it went and asked what the doctor had said. Well,she had told my husband that I was ok, but if I wanted to have kids, I should have them before I turned a certain age: not because of the endometreosis, but I think she said after like age 25 or 28, your chances decrease. I dont remember the full explanation of that. Do you know what he did? he got mad at me and yelled at me saying I'd better find out for sure what she said.... It made me cry when he did that to me Then, he decided he was going to tell his sister! So, this is why I dont really mention things to my parents that much anymore.
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That would embarass me! Before I met my husband, my dad used to walk around the house in just his underwear GOsh, I cannot believe I just told the public that! Well, when I started having him come inside the house, I made my mom tell him not to do that.... Oh, and he used to wear just shorts, and not his shirt, too, which irritated me. So, I asked her tell him to put a shirt on, too!
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I've never found it too embarassing. Dad also has this talent to catch his pants before they drop too low. And usually, he wears his shirts untucked so his pants would have to get really low (well, as low as the boys are wearing them now) before he flashed anyone
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I was a surprise baby, so my parents were much older than I,; in fact my Dad was 51. He was British, of the generation who thought children should only speak if spoken to. We were not allowed to talk at the dinner table at all. I got my first period at age 10, and had no idea what was going on. My brother, who was a teenager when I was born, had to tell me the facts of life. God bless him! My dad did not believe children had any right to privacy. He would open my bedroom door to ask me something, and if I screamed, he laughed. He said my sister would have just laughed if she got caught in her underwear. I told him I wasn't my sister!

Of course I made certain I did none of this to my children. But since they never had to experience what I did, I'm sure they didn't even know that I was really trying to be a good parent.

A favorite kids' story. I always told the kids to ask anything they wanted to know and I would always tell them the truth. That included questions about sex. However, since we always had conversation at the dinner table, that would be just the time they would ask about a word they had heard and didn't understand. When they got older they answered their little brothers."That's one of the things you don't ask about at the dinner table." Not funny to read, but the girls and I would laugh and laugh, and then I'd explain the word to the boys after dinner.
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I had a sleepover for my 13th birthday. My mother had this thing where she never wore a bra, and we were talking about underware (we were 13 year old girls!!!) and my Mom overheard the conversation. She came in and was telling us that you should always wear a bra otherwise you won't pass the pencil test. No one knew what the heck the pencil test was, including myself, so she asked me if I minded if she showed everyone. That should have been my first clue to say no, but I said I didn't care. My Mom went, got a pencil, pulled her shirt up and stuck it under her breast where it stayed. She then said if you didn't want your boobs to sag and be able to hold up pencils, to wear a bra. I was mortified.

This is also the same woman who told everyone that I got my period when I was 12. Here I am experiencing pain like you wouldn't believe (cramps), going through all the motions of proud and embarassed, and she told everyone who visited our house that day (and we had lots of visitors) that her "little girl" was a "woman" now. UGH!!!
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My mom was always really open with me or at least tried to be. She told me that when I was ready to start having sex to go to her first and she'd get me on birth control. Her explanation for this was she'd rather me not have sex but if I was going to she'd rather me be protected.

So when that time came she flipped!!

Also when I was younger to explain the birds and the bees to me she rented a cartoon video called "where did I come from?" Very strange video....

So now that I'm older she's become a bit too honest for me like talking about how awful her sex life with my step dad was**cringe** or about how she was cheating on him.
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Badhabit- 'Where did I come from' I got the book with cartoon characters having sex. VERY BIZARRE! I will never do that to my kids. I was 6 when my mom gave me that book and it definantly screwed up my concept of sex.

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JAMIE....that is awful that your mom did that right in front of your friends! I would have just died!!! And by the way....does any "real" woman pass this pencil test, 'cause I didn't try it...but believe me...I could probably hold several pencils...:LOL:
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What's really funny about the pencil test is when I was in grade school, you WANTED the pencil to stay there becuase it did not mean you were "sagging", it meant you had large, full breasts!

But then I was in grade school in the 60's, when women were voluptuous, not the toothpicks that look like they're crack-addicted that today's young girls are told they're supposed to look like.
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