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Odd eating behavior

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I don't know if Ox is losing his mind slowly or what.
When he eats dry food as I always keep food in his dish it never empties.
However when you can see part of the bottom of the dish he "meows" telling me to fill it. I can move the current food around so the dish looks more full but he knows that trick and I actually have to put food in the dish. He has been "complaining" much more of late about this. How can I stop this behavior. Its more annoying than anything!!
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All I can say is that my cats did the same thing and I always used to give in and give them more food. But my husband told me I'm not allowed to do that because he didn't want them to learn that "crying" gets them what they want. My husband assured me that if they are hungry they will eat what's left.

I did what he said and it works. They no longer cry, I fill their bowl the same time everyday with the same amount and when you can see the bottom I don't put more in until it's the next feeding time.

If my cats had it their way they could cry and I would give them the world but my husband is a little tougher which is good
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I know what you mean. Hobbes started getting like that...meowing and making a fuss if one side of our two-sided food bowl was even near empty. We just stopped refilling it when he did that, and a few times waited until the whole thing was completely empty. He learned pretty quickly that we wouldn't be listening unless he was completely out of food. Now neither of them even really meows if their lacking completely in food. It's funny...it worked almost too well. Lol!!
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My cat does this too...she's so picky!
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They really know how to train their humans.

I let the food bowls get completely empty from time to time just on general principle. They need to learn about true adversity!!
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