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Let's start the day on a positive note!

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What are a few of the simple pleasures that you have enjoyed so far today?

For me, it has been a good cup of coffee, Abby purring good morning to me, and bright sunshine.

Anything brighten your day yet?
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Sushi! mmmmmm! My mum bought me a big tray of sushi from marks and spencer. Was soooooo good!
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OK... even though I'm ill, the fact that I didn't have to get up for work this morning did bring a smile to my face - does that count?
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Of course it counts! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, and hope you feel much better real soon!
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traffic wasn't very bad on the way in to work
When I woke up this morning Vino must have been cold cause he was burrowed under the covers with me
Pandora was eating with a vengeance this morning- good appetite do I think she's recovering quite nicely
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The sun shining has brought a smile to my face today!

I've also enjoyed getting lots of work done!
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I'm off to Gils this weekend. I'll miss the girls and i told them this morning where i was going but that mummy would be back on monday, and they both looked at me and gave me that soft blink that seemed to say " Ok mum "

As long as their happy, i'm happy
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Well I got out of but early today around 6 am and my bad and arms aren't too sore!!! Its friday and its sunny outside!!
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My 7:30 am every Friday appointment cancelled, so I didn't have to get up so early. The coffee is really good this morning, and kitties went back to bed after breakfast, so I have the computer all to myself.
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I got up today and it is a beautiful day here in London...Then Trout was stretching out all cute in the sun...Wow, I didn't realize how long she is
And this coffee I'm enjoying is very good too. All very good!
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I was late for work this morning because while i was enjoying my breakfast i ended up with 2 furbabies snuggled down on my lap sound asleep...and i didn't have the heart to wake them up!
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Its Friday. Isn't that good enough!! Phenom cuddled with me a lot this morning. Then while I was pulling my jeans on she wanted to chase the bottom of the legs. She made my day this morning by being a sweet heart!
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Well I just got my payslip and found out I have a £627 pa pay rise! If I hadn't had a days pay deducted from being on strike I'd have probably noticed it quite a lot this month. Have to wait til next month now. I know it's not much over a year but when you count every penny like me it is! More money to spend in Pets at Home
I also have Monday off despite having to sit around while Nismo is at the vet, I still have the day off which is what counts
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I woke up this morning without the alarm blaring in my ear!!...ahhh sleeping in is bliss
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For me today it was a beautiful sunrise and then just a few minutes ago I saw a hot air balloon right outside the window.

also, my hubby got up first this morning, so I got to stay in bed a little longer!
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John didn't have to work today so we got to spend a whole night together watching a movie together and ate DQ cake Something so simple makes me so happy!

Oh yeah, and I got to wake up to him AND Harley this morning - which hardly ever happens!
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I made it to work on time the first time this week?
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I got my May bills taken care of early this morning.
It always feels good to get that monthly task out of the way.
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Lei, you are probably the only one that looks at paying bills as a positive thing!
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Originally Posted by babyharley

Oh yeah, and I got to wake up to him AND Harley this morning - which hardly ever happens!
It's such a shame you had to go to work!
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Congratulations on your rise, Lauren!

Oooh another positive thing - speaking of bills - is that my Gas Bill for this quater is......£0.00!!

They had been doing the estimated bills wrong for the entire time and I managed to get them to sort it, so received a bill for nothing!
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I woke up to Quill sitting on my windowsill with his big bushy tail in my face, and he turned to me and looked at me so lovingly I wanted to hug him. So I did. He then started licking my nose and we cuddled for ten minutes.

And I'm almost done exams! The last one is today in the afternoon then blessed FREEDOM! Until I find a p/t job.

And the sun is shining and the sky is blue, it's a beautiful day ..... And my favourite song is playing on the radio.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Lei, you are probably the only one that looks at paying bills as a positive thing!
Getting a miserable job out of the way is the positive part of paying my bills.
Now I am broke again and it isn't even the first of May yet.
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Um......my day at a glance:

10:00-chamber rehearsal
10:45-12PM- chamber coaching
12:00:01-12:00:03- shove food at face, hope some lands in there.
12:00-1:45PM- chamber masterclass (keep in mind that chamber music is a ONE CREDIT HOUR CLASS.)
2:15-6- adoption counseling at Tree House
6:00-6:30- ride home on #36 bus
6:30- shove food at face again
6:45/7: practice for degree recital until I pass out

Play show tunes and sousa marches for old people in Joliet in order to have large ensemble expenses for the year for 12 HOURS without getting paid or having a chance to practice for Sunday....

1:00-6:00PM- Masterclass with the teacher I want to study with in grad school, without having had time to rehearse with (or even meet) my accompanist or practice because I was too busy cutting through red tape/BS for my stupid school.

So yeah, I'm pretty much flying around in a fit of rage for the next 72 hours. This is why I should just marry someone really rich (well, he IS going to be a lawyer) so that I don't have to have any absurd committments and I can just work when and where I want to. I know I probably sound spoiled, but I'm really stressed. I have some really big things coming up that are infinitely important to me, and I'm spending my time sitting in on a VIOLIN masterclass since there's ONE violinist in my chamber group and going to Joliet for 12 HOURS.
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I was awakened by a snuggly little girl in my face and was serenaded shortly thereafter by a little tortie girl singing her hungry birdie song Today is bright and sunny, a stark difference from the previous days' rain, and we have a lovely weekend ahead!
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Well, for me, my big thing today is it's my last day without the office manager here! I'm tired of doing her job for this past week! She'll be back Monday! YEA!!!
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Every morning before I leave for work, Trent and I have Mommy-Baby Time. Usually he's been in the bathroom with me and follows me out for our special time. This morning, it is rainy and dark, and he was still sleeping when I was finishing up my morning rituals. But when I went out to the front room, about 30 seconds later a very sleepy Trent came walking out. He purred so big when I was petting him, and tried to convince me to go back to bed. When I had to leave, he was trudging back to the bedroom to back to sleep. It just really made me smile that he woke up and came out just for our petting time.
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Don't you just love the look on their faces when they've just woken up....reminds me of toddlers when they are trying to stay awake so they don't miss anything. Too sweet!
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My day has horrible been horrible, I won't ruin your thread...

I wish everyone a much better day than mine!
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NOT getting up at 6am to go to a job that makes me miserable!

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