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Hi All,

Just wanted to share something.. Gorby was the only cat of my 3 that wanted sofe cat food. My other two ate only dry. When we got Gorby he would meow like crazy and walk under your feet. He was always getting stepped on or family members would be tripping because he was like glue to who ever was in the kitchen!
Well he apparently taught the other two to do the same and every single morning my kitchen was full of 3 meowing cats.. Murphy & Boot ate very little of the soft food.. Gorby cleaned up everyones bowl..My kids would laugh because sometimes I would walk around with the food in a circle and they would follow.
Well the day after he was gone, I went into the kitchen and realized no cats were around... As soon as I opened the cabinate, they came riunning.
They barley ate anything. 1/4 of a can each and they left some..
AND, Murphy turned around like he was looking for Gorby.. I really think he was because Gorby would eat all their food. And the other cats would not care...This morning I had to call them into the kitchen...
I can't believe that Gorby trained them and now they are back to the way they were before we had him....They could care less aboyt soft food..

I really miss him. He was such a vocal cat..He had so many types of meow's
The hardest is getting the picture of him laying on the vets table out of my head.. I know it was the right thing to do but it's still hard...

I think after summer vacation I will be paying another visit to our local shelter! I helped out there for a few days and realized my asthma was ok with 3 cats but the shelter had about 60 cats. I could not breath and felt really sick. Good thing or I would take all 60 of them home!

Thanks for reading...
All the best