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At home...sick

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so I took the day off today because I feel rotten...

I've had sore ears and swollen glands for a couple of days, so I knew something was up. Then yesterday, fever hit - I was sweating buckets after walking to work (5 minutes DOWNhill!).

I picked up some NeoCitran at the pharmacy (it's like Lemsip), as well as some slow-release vitamin C capsules. Other than that I'm just trying to stay warm and drink fluids....

Rich has booked a romantic weekend away to celebrate our engagement - we're suposed to leave tonight and I honestly just feel like staying in bed

Anyone got any remedies I can try? What do you do when you get hit with a viral infection like this?
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Ick, sorry you're feeling poorly, Alex!

I bet it was all that bubbly that helped it along!

R&R is generally the best you can do, as you already have your vit C and Lemsip!

When I was last poorly, my friend sent me some herbal cold and flu supliments that really helped me to feel much better - maybe you could see if there is anything similar over your way?!

I'm sure Rich will look after you on your romantic weekend! He'll be your nurse!

I hope you're feeling much better before then though!

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Yeah, let's blame it on the bubbly

I'll see if I can get Rich to pick up something herbal.

Thanks for your thoughts Sarah
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It was definitely the bubbly!

Ecinacea tea is good for helping the immune system and it's very soothing! You might like to get Rich to pick some of that up for you!

I really hope you're better quickly, it's so rotten for you to get ill so soon after your engagement celebrations!

Sending many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ quickly your way!
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I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling crummy...especially when you are supposed to go away for the weekend!!

The only things I've ever found is rest and fluids. Lots of orange juice and water.

I hope you are feeling better soon!
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You might also try some Goldenseal, although it tastes yucky, I think you can get pills. It's also supposed to boost the immune system. Also if you start coughing, try some Umcka. It works great! (and is natural)

I hope you feel better soon!
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