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question because we are going to visit our baby tomorrow

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we did say all very responsibly when we went and chose koneko (bengal kitten ready to leave his mum on july 10th) that we would wait a month to do the 6hr round trip but a few weeks later and we cant wait any longer.

so i said in passing to my mum and better half it would be cool if we could leave the travel box thing there so he wont be freaked when it come time for him to make a 3hr drive home with us. i know he will of been in one to get his jabs etc but not in this box and i want to remove as much stress for the little guy as i can (is air con ok with kitties?)

but it would be toooo rude to say hi can we leave this huge box at your house for a few months

so my mum suggested taking a blanket round to get his family's scent on and leaving that there till we get him

so my question is will this help or make things worse if he smells his mum etc but they aren't at our house

sorry for the garbled way i asked this everyone says i suck at being coherent
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I believe a lot of people do find it better to get the scent of the old house on a blanket for them! It will allow a comforting smell to be with them for the journey and transition to your home!

It will also let Koneko have the opportunity to get an idea of your smell too!

I bet you're counting the days!!
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we have both been like

its like waiting for christmas

and thanks i will take the blanket and ask them to get it nice and stinky
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My bengal breeder actually made my boys a blanket for them to travel with since they had to ride the airplane Even though once the got to my home it was like they were always here they didnt even need the blanket lol, well i guess since i got 2 at once that was also a stress reliever for them

congrats on ur new baby
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that was very cool of them i hope koneko settles that well when we get him

i wish i could get 2

but we decided when we have had koneko for about a year we will rescue a kitty or at least look into it

well best go get ready ohhh im so excited
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Before we brought our babes home, we took over a kitty bed for their mama to lay in while nursing them, etc. When we brought them home, they actually had a really hard time with smelling her, and missing her, etc. We had to eventually take the bed away, because they were crying for her. BUT...not every experience is like that.

I would say definitley leave the blanket. If you bring your babe home, and see that he's actually missing her MORE due to smelling her but not seeing her, you can always take it away, and substitute your love and attention. He won't be harmed at all if he smells her and misses her...don't worry.

With some kittens, it REALLY helps the transition...in others, it makes them miss mum even more. Really depends on the kitty...so it's worth a try.

And...don't worry...it's not in the least bit rude. If they're at all concerned as to whether the kitty's going to a good home, they'll be pleased to do what it takes to make the transition easier for him, and they'll be happy you asked.

Oh, P.S. Taking care of two is actually a bit easier than taking care of one, and not much more expensive (contrary to what the math tells you), and southernlocs is right, it helps in the transition...but as in everything, it's totally up to you.
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I see no problem with leaving a carrier there for your kitten to get familar with it. When buying a cat, I've shipped my own airline carrier (by UPS) to the breeder to ship the cat to me.

Never have had a problem.
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Why not go into the breeders section and post the same question there? You'd get a better outlook from the other side of the fence, and what they think would be best, how to approach them, ask, etc.

Good luck with your new baby!
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i think thats a great idea thanks
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