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Hi, new member here!

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Hi all! Just found this site about 20 minutes. I'm Charlotte, and I have 3 furbabies and 2 on the way.

Mew-Mew: Our oldest, 10 years. DLH Tortie calico. Very quiet but extreeeemely friendly! Got her from a family friend as a kitten.

Cupid: 9 years old. Half bengal, half munchkin. I know, weird mix. She was the result of a VERY unplanned pregnancy, ha. The Alpha cat in the house. Very mouthy, very silly, and her coat is beyond plush.

Merlyn: Will be 8 this summer. Tuxedo cat! Neighbors found her abandoned in the woods when she was about 5-6 weeks old. We took her in. Very neurotic, we joke that she was raised by squirrels. Has gotten friendlier as she's gotten older, but still skittish around loud noises, strangers, and big people. Was very attached to Spot (see below), now attached to Cupid :-)

And of course, my babies who are gone but not forgotten.

Zeebo: Our big, doofy orange kitty who came to us in his middle age, obviously abandoned (he was fixed), skin and bones. He never left after we fed him so of course we took him in and he became indoor/outdoor. Biggest sweetheart, happiest cat you'd ever meet! Had a ton of health problems but of course we gave him the best care (to the tune of 3 surgeries, 4 prescriptions, and $$$$!!) possible. Had to be put to sleep on July 4 '05, from old age/renal failure. In typical sweetheart, gentle Zeebo style, left us peacefully and happy.

Wuzzy: Our grey/white tabby we got from a family friend as a kitten. Polydactyl. King of the house, was our Alpha, had a swagger, ultimate bachelor. Think George Clooney in cat form. Ladies loved him, esp. Cupid, she still meows for him. Outdoor/indoor. Very loving with lots of manly attitude. Unfortunately he developed cancer horrendously fast and we had to put him to rest 6 weeks after Zeebo, 8/14/05. But he got his years in.

Spot: Our bengal, by far the craziest, funniest cat we ever had. Trained him to do all sorts of things. Very talkative, loved wrestling Wuzzy, gorgeous coat, the works. Snuck out once and got sprayed by a skunk, yelled out the window at that damned skunk every night for 2 years. A real prankster. Unfortunately, he started having a series of major strokes once he turned 9, and we had to put him to rest as well on March 3 '06. We were heartbroken, had not expected him to have problems so young. We think there may have been something wrong with his lineage, shortly after we got him, his breeder disappeared off the face of the earth. But who knows. We miss him terribly.

We have 2 male bengal kittens coming to us at the end of May/beginning of June, which we are extremely excited about. We had made plans to look for some over the winter, but Spot started having his strokes around then so we postponed our hunt. They turned 4 weeks this past Tuesday. This is them on Wednesday:

So I'll end here, it's late. One question though, how do i make a signature?

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Welcome Charlotte and fur babies.. Beautiful babies...
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What an adorable picture! Welcome to TCS!
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Thanks! Glad to have found this place!

Originally Posted by kitytize
What an adorable picture! Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome Charlotte, MewMew, Cupid and Merlyn !
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Welcome to you and your babies! Your kittens are so cute!
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Originally Posted by 3babiesandme
Welcome to you and your babies! Your kittens are so cute!
Aww thank you so much!
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Hello Charlotte and welcome to The Cat Site

Very cute kitties You can find info on making a siggy (or having someone else make one) in the signature shop forum in Tech Help

You will love it here

warning - it's addicting!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!!!
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Welcome to TCS! Those little Bengals are precious!

If I can answer any site questions, for you please let me know.
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Hi there! Welcome to TCS If you are looking for a siggy, there is a forum called 'The Signature Shop' where you can ask one of our very talented siggy creators to make you one.
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