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Serious matting probs....

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Hi all.... I just adopted a persian cross last night, the previous owner has sadly let her get extremely matted (and I mean EXTREMELY) the whole of one side of her body is just solid matt, and the other side has odd clumps here and there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do?? We were thinking of shaving her (you know, the lion cut!!) but we're not sure if we could do this ourselves or take her to a groomers, or even if it is possible with such bad matting?? She is very friendly and very comfortable with being handled but I don't know how she'd take to being shaved?!?
Her fur is sooo soft and beautiful its a real shame to see her in this state.

All suggestions welcome...
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Oooooooh!!! I love Persians!! hehe I adopted my Sampson back in October and he is such a clown. I love him!!

Anyway, When I adopted Samspon he wasn't badly matted but he has a very thick coat and his undercoat was all tangled and it hurt him to comb it out so I had him shaved into a lion cut(Had the legs left and it looked like he was wearing chaps). His cut is growing out now but I have his undercoat under control so when I brush him it's not painful.

I would take her to a groomer to have it done but if it's as bad as you say it is she may have to be given a little sedative to do this so she might have to have this done at the vets.

We get long haired cats in all the time who are so badly matted that their body is one big mat and it's so close to the skin. I feel really bad for them since they have to go through all that just to be groomed but there would be no other way to do it.

I'd just bring her to the groomer and see what they say about it. Have fun with your new kitty!!
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Thanks Jessica!! I was thinking I'd rather take her to the groomers than try to do it ourselves.... her matting is VERY close to the skin so maybe it might need to be the vets...oh well.... what has to be done has to be done right!! I can't leave her like that!! Thanks for the advice!! (I'll post pics of the "lion cut" when its been done... heh heh heh....just don't tell her!! :LOL: )
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Have you heard of the mysterious big cat scares in England? People think it's a panther. Well, if you get the lion cut on your persian, I would not be surprised to see that in the National Enquirer.YOUNG BRIT CLAIMS LION IS HER PET! Seriously, I have a collie, as you know, and I had to send him to the groomer after my illness. He became quite matted. This groomer is a real pro, though. He made him look beautiful, using the clippers where necessary, but brushing where possible. He looked ready for the show ring. Of course Collies don't scratch, so I don't know....I hope!
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If your baby is as bad as Barty was, your vet will be able to sedate her and shave her down. You need to get it taken care of right away those mats can cause serious problems. Bart has two bald spots where the mats were eating into his skin. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get it done NOW. Of course ever since he has been done, he is feeling so good he follows us around the house crying and climbing up our legs to get into our arms! LOL Also I have started adding cod liver oil to their dry food to help with the matting problem and as soon as it gets warmer, we will have kabota shaved as well.
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Good grief!! I didn't know it could affect their skin like that!! Thanks for the advice!! I'll try to get her done ASAP!! thankyou!
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Lucy had the lion cut done at the vet under isoflourene sedation. From what I have heard from groomers most cats do not need sedation, but if your cats mats are really bad maybe. Your cat will be so much happier and cooler! Can't wait to see the results.

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