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ER Fans

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Ok is it just me or did the one nurse on Er who lost all that weight seem to have gained a little back... She kept it off for over 3 years that I have noticed..
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I don't watch ER, but I know one of the guys that plays a character on there (or used to). Frank, I think was the characters name. Played by Troy Evans. He grew up where I did (way before, heheh) and still goes back to visit.
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Troy is cute
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I just watched the new episode...
I'm confused. The previews all said it would be someone's last episode, but I watched the whole thing and have no idea who it was? Did I miss something???
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I was watching for that also...
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Troy is cute
I'm glad you think so. He's actually quite hilarious when you are around him in person. He's got quite the accent. I can't even describe it.

He's actually married to a wonderful lady named Heather who is a blacksmith. She does some really beautiful work. One of the things she makes are bookmarks that are curled vines with leaves or flowers on top.
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ooohhh i love ER, ive been watching it forever hehe
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Originally Posted by silvermoonmyst
ooohhh i love ER, ive been watching it forever hehe
Same here all 8 years I can think of. Been on longer I think but can only remember when son was born LOL I did watch it before that also. I think 10 yrs hmmmm I cried so hard when Mark died...
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I love that show!!, I've been watching it from the very beginning. I'm glad Carter was on there because I miss seeing him!
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Maybe it was Pratt's last episode since he went to Africa?

I'm not sure, but I love the show, LOVE it!! I think Pratt is so yummy!!
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LOL Pratt lover......I have always loved Carter.
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I love Carter too, I was sad when he and Abby broke up...I LOVE Luca too!! He's yummy..tall dark and handsome!
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Luca and me would fight. I want to kick his butt he is such a jerk at time.
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Which nurse? Abby is my fav character on ER....nice choice by the way, i love that show!
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I love ER. I've only been watching it....since it first came out!

I used to loathe Abby, but now she's one of my favourite character. Carter was my favourite since the beginning but I think it's more Luka....love the accent!!

Also for some reason the newest one, Caliente is really funny. Or maybe I just remember him from Ice Age as the sloth!
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IT ON everyone watching now...
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As a kid, my mom used to watch E.R. all the time as she is a nurse.....I'm more of a Without A Trace fan.
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Man we are a match in heaven. LOL I love that show also. You have to MSN me again I am not getting any of them.
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ER was so sad last night, I can't beleive Michael was killed, I was bawling so hard at the end. Poor Neela.
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It brought back to many memories for me and I did not sleep last night. My mom actually called me because she saw it and said she knew it would get to me. I wish in a way I would of forgotten to watch it, but I think I did and I know life is this and Neely Will go on. I will go on. Now I get to see how she does it. I know it is just TV but maybe it will help.
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I wished I had not watched last night, either. I loved Micheal! And Caliente going bonkers...I did not see that coming!
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Oh no!! Micheal is gone!!, I missed last night's eposide, that's so sad!
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Yeh it was really sad...AND they showed clips from the season finale..and the ER is getting shot up and ambushed and its all scary and chaotic!!

I hope Abby doesn't lose the baby

Be sure to watch it next week as its the last one this season.
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It is everyones job to remind us to watch it ok
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OMG, did everyone see the finale last night..It was so sad..I was almost in tears after watching all the finales..they are always so sad.

Abby fell down at the end after the ER got shot up, and she was bleeding..and Luca saw her but was tied to the bed so he couldn't help her. He almost died to but Sam saved him and then she got kidnapped by her crazy ex...Ahhhhhhhh!! It was NUTS!!

Anyone else see it?
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Awful, wasn't it!! Between this and Grey's Anatomy, I'm gonna go insane before the new seasons begin! I really hope Abby's baby is okay! Do you know how far along shes supposed to be?
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Wasn't it awful??? How many characters do they plan on taking off the show?? I am not sure how far along Abby is but she can't be too far from her due date.
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Those are so tearful.. I always tivo and grap the kleenex and FF the commercials...
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Yes, the nurse has gained some of her weight back. She lost it because the show made her and I think she looks a little better with some weight on her.

If Abby loses her baby, I will blow a gasket! Can't anyone in that place have a happy ending???

My 33 year old friend died of cancer after only 7 months 2 weeks ago. On the way home from baseball practice I heard the song played at her funeral. Well, every show I watched last night had someone dying on it! Can't anyone have a season finale without a horrible death??????

And Michael's funeral on ER was just too much!
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