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Kitten Question

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What kind of litter should I use for my 5 week old kittens?
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a small small box or box lid and non clumping litter...
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I always use the disposable foil cake pans. They are shallow and cheap. I put newspaper in the bottom because my kittens were not happy with the feel of claws on foil Non-clumping litter is best.
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I wouldnt like to walk on foil
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I also use small shallow baking pans (they don't mind the foil at all) with Yesterday's News as litter. Have fostered many a 5-week old and they seem to take to the shallow pan easily...also although Yesterday's News is meant for ferrets...it is non-clumping & dust-free for the little ones.
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I have a small kitten litter box with Yesterday's News. Now since mine are about 5 weeks old they seem to scoff at the kitten box and prefer to pretend they are grown-up and use mom's!
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