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New music Q & A

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Ok, here' s new Q & A. Here's a group and my favorite song of theirs. Tell the song you like best that they do. Then name a new artist.

Like this:

Q: Eagles
A: Desperado
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Okay Deb....great thread!!!!!! I do have a fav. Eagles song...but unfortunately I can't think of the name of it....it is from their newest CD " When hell freezes over"
It goes something like this (if memory serves me right)

Johnny got up...all dressed in black....etc

went down to the railway station, he ain't never coming back...
they found his clothes somewhere, scattered somewhere down the track...and he won't be back on wallstreet in the morning...
If you find someone to love in this world, you'd better hang on tooth and nail...'cause the wolf is always at the door.

Do you know which song I am rambling on about???? I can't remember the name, but it is my favorite eagles song. ( I do like Desperado too)



My favorite song by Styx is "lady"
What is yours????
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It's got to be Suite Madam Blue.

How about The Police?
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The answer:

"Too Much Information," The Police, Ghost in the Machine.

The question:

Björk Gudmundsdòttir?

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Ok, Mr. Cat. I am stumped by that one!
I did forget to say that my favorite Police song is King of Pain (love the imagery in the lyrics).
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Mr. Cat; You must come back and tell us about Bjork Gudmndsdottir (sorry I don't see anything on my keyboard to allow the right accents above the appropriate letters) Where can we go to hear this favorite of yours? My favorite group is Meatloaf favorite song "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"
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If you're interested in discovering more about Björk, go first to URL http://www.bjork.com/unity. Say hello to Meester Fly for me!


P.S.: Björk is from Iceland and is a composer and performer of music. In her first role as an actor, she won the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival for her Selma in Lar von Trier's film Dancer in the Dark. She's nominated for an Oscar for her song "I've Seen it All Before."
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As far as Meat Loaf goes, I would have to say Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I can still vividly remember the first time I heard that song.

How about the ever-popular Beatles?

That would have to be a toss-up between When I'm 64 and Twist and Shout
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Meatloaf - for crying out loud

Beatles - in my life

Bjork - state of emergency, bachelorette, big time sensuality.

Favourite Tori Amos :

too hard to pick! hmm.


geeezzz, this is why i dont respond to these threads, it's too hard to just pick one, i want to list every single one.

if you havent yet heard Tori Amos
what are you waiting for?!

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Mr. Cat, i just saw Dancer in the Dark the other night, i dont think i've ever cried so violently in my life - at least not from the affect of a film.
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Indeed, it's a tragic story! I can see why both Björk and Dancer in the Dark won the grand prizes at Cannes, plus many other awards. It's a pity, I think, that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences refused to so much as nominate Björk for an Oscar; but such are present-day Hollywood politics!

(There's a sort of Anglo-American grip on the State-side film industry -- and I'll not say more, so as to avoid getting into trouble with a certain special-interest group.)

As far as American film critics go, they know who rolls out the red carpet and provides them with all manner of "perks." It's not a young woman from Iceland, that's for sure. Any film requiring breadth of thought is, indeed, "foreign" to American cinema-insiders. More's the pity!

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Mr. Cat, you sound like a film afficiondo. I'm a filmmaker (besides being a cat lover thru and thru). Bjork is a good singer! I never got a chance to see her movie, but I understand its a great film.

One of my NEW favorites is Dido. I love the entire CD and it's been a long time since I've liked every song on an album.

Favorite Cheap Trick song?

Mine: Younger Women (I want you to want me and surrender is too over played)
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A film maker, eh? So, what's your take on Oscar politics this year? They ignore Björk's highly-acclaimed role in Dancer in the Dark as well as ignoring the film itself. But they're all agog over a predictable piece of fluff like Gladiator. Go figure!

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if you like dido there's a new artist out there that i think you would enjoy also, her name is Amanda Ghost, the album is called ghost and it's on warner brothers records. i am a huge fan of dido as well and amanda is in that same vein. email me your email address & i'll send you a copy of it. ccc@aircompetition.com
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