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i need help!

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I need advice! Kitty is trying to move the kittens into my moms closet but that is not a good place for them to be. everytime i bring them back downstairs she just moves them back. the room she is in now is pretty much closed off but there is a doorway with only a blanket to block it off and she knows how to get past that and she keeps carrying them around and i am scared she is going to puncture their necks! i have them locked up in their nesting cage for right now but i dont want them to be locked up for long. she's tressing me out and i'm pretty sure i'm stressing her out to! what should i do?
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Can you close the door to your mom's bedroom? Maybe you should put her in a room with a door...another closet maybe She may need more privacy but she won't hurt them.
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I had to revert to the bathroom - is there one you can put them all in? I am lucky to have a big house with 3, so for now the kittens and Sammi are in one of them. Everyone has adapted and Sammi has stopped trying to "relocate".
Good luck.
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we we went thru clothes and stuff recently and dont have it all cleaned up and that is in my moms room so it isnt good in there. i would just rather her stay downstairs. the room she is in now (livingroom) is the only room we can keep warm and comfy for the kitties. she gets quite a bit of privacy in there. she has never had a problem with it befroe. she actually WANTED to have them born around people so she did it in the livingroom and all the bathrooms in my house are too tiny.
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I don't think she likes the openness of the living room. What about your closet in your room? It would be more closed in and quieter.
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Maybe if you can put her under a table with a blanket over it? It's instinctive that they want to keep their babies safe, even from us, LOL.
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kluchetta, that is a good idea! i will try that and let you know! thanks for all of the advice guys!
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First off, be calm. Think of the best place for both you and her to keep her babies. Then figure out how to either make that place appealing to her so she'll stay there or figure out a way to confine her so she can't leave.

You may need to confine her to a large dog crate. Beckiboo (one of our members who fosters pregnant cats) has two large ones wired together and mom and babies stay in there.

Basically, you either have to put her in a safe space and not let her leave, or you're going to have to let her find her own safe space and deal with it.

And she won't hurt the babies by picking them up that way. It's the way most mom mammals carry their young, by the scruff of the neck. I actually found it was better to carry our babies by their scruffs than by holding them, they fussed less.

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thanks Julia. that is really good advice. the table thing worked. she is in there nursing and calm again. i hope she doesnt try to move again. thank you sooooo much guys!
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That is a good idea. I never thought of it. Sure mom feels better know.
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*sigh* well Kitty moved the kitties again so i cleared out the closet and moved some blankies and her food, water, litter box etc. and shut the door and it is turning out to be a really good spot (as much as i hate it...) lol. but thank you all for your advice. you guys are wonderful!
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NP we are all here to help.
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Mother knows best!
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