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Help!! found mommy w/kittns

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I have found a cat that just had 3 kittens 5 nights ago. She and the kittens are in the bushes next to the house. Can I move her and the kittens into a large basket with blankets inside my garage? I am concerned that if I touch that kittens the mother will no longer care for them. I don't want to do the wrong thing, but I'm concerned about the tempature being too cold at night (Concord NC stil in the 40's & 50's)and the rain. Any suggestions pleassse!!!!
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you can move her inside into some small room with her kittens. If she is wild, then all you can do is provide her with shelter- those styrofoam coolers are good sources of heat. Just cut a hole in it big enough for the cat to get in and out, and stuff the inside with rags or straw. Provide mama kitt with good quality food so she can nurse thebaibies......good luck
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I need info on caring for a new mother and her kittens. Found outside in the bushes. Kittens were born on 5-10. They are outside in bushes and I am concerned about the rain and cooler temp (concord NC in the 40 to 50's at night. Can I move them all togehter. If this is out there more than once I apologize...new to forums and psoting on them. Please help!
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Is the mom approachable/touchable. If so, by all means get them inside either your house or garage in a nice size box with some non absorbent blankets and or newspaper.

If mom is not touchable is she close enough to your house to lure her to your house?

You need to get them indoors before 1) they get sick 2) a predator finds them 3) the mom moves them.

If you need help, call a local rescue organization in your area to give you a hand.

Let us know how you do.
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Hi! I've merged the threads so that all the info will be kept together. How are mommy and kittens doing?
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