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Parental Units are Driving me Crazy

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Ok, so my mom was willing to let me keep Miki until today. Suddenly she sends me an IM telling me I should find a 'good home' for Miki. These are her following reasons.

1) The house smells really bad.
(Reason: Because we have a cheap litterbox and cheap litter that doesn't do crap for smell.)
2) I'll be gone for 9 months at school and that's not fair to the cat.
(Wrong: I'm hoping to transfer in the Spring, making it 4 months, in which I was going to pay my brother or cousin to take care of Miki until I move back.)

I'm so sick and tired of my mother and grandmother taking away my animals. EVERY SINGLE animal I have ever owned, down to the very last fish, has been taken from me for no reason. A bird I had had for 6+ years was taken from me a few years ago, and I'm still not over it. I swear, if I get home and find that cat gone, I'm going to raise Hell. I'm sick of my animals being taken away from me. Its like losing family over and over again. I can't take it anymore.
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Wow. My mom has threatened, given my cat used to have in-the-litter-box problems, but nothing has ever happened. I cannot imagine what I would do if one of my kitties were hurt in anyway, including being neglected.

I assume it's not possible for you to take Miki with you?

Could you find a friend to care for Miki, and then you could visit her when you return?

Why not try to fix the smell probelm? Buy better box and litter? Use an air freshener. Make sure your cat is going in the box.

Good luck.
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That is so sad, your own family getting rid of your pets - that is such betrayal (no offense meant to your family, since some people don't fully recognize the value of pets). I am hoping & praying that Miki is allowed safe harbor with your family. Perhaps you could buy some laying mash to use as cat litter (it does work great). Then even if the box does get soiled, the entire litter can be changed frequently, as the mash is about 1/4 the cost of regular clumping litter. Please keep us updated!
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Have you talked to your mom yet. Please update us...
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Its mostly my grandmother. My grandmother, first of all, hates cats. My mom is actually renting my grandmother's house, so my grandmother thinks she has a say in everything that goes on. She knew of me bringing Miki home even before I put Miki in the car, and everytime Miki has made the place stinky I've cleaned up the litter box and used a deodorizing spray. When I get home I'm getting one of those automatic litterboxes so that the smell isn't as bad. Once I transfer next Spring (hopefully, if I can get into a college near home) I'm going to live off campus and bring Miki with me.

I told my mom I'd talk to my friends this summer about possibly paying one to go over to the house everyday and spend some time with Miki. Mostly my grandmother is mad about the boys bringing home a dog without her knowing. Personally I don't think Miki and myself should have to get punished for what my brother and cousin did. I've convinced my mom not to get rid of Miki and to keep her there. Its my grandmother I have to watch out for now.
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If you want Miki - what about finding a group of animal lovers, non profit or Humane Society who will help foster her? Provided you sign a contract that says you will take her back in Spring (4 months or whatever) you should have no problems finding a home... (temp) till then.
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Why is the litterbox so stinky? I mean, I know some cats have foul smells coming out of them, but do you clean it often? Some cats need it cleaned daily. Also, where is it? I keep my cat's (two) in the "office", so only that room smells like cats. Not sure about your arrangements...

I'm glad to hear your mom understands. Keep us posted-- we're full on Miki and your's side.
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Well, everyone is ok with the cat now. Mostly my grandmother and mom were venting because my brother and cousin brought a puppy home without telling them, so they decided to include all animals in thier rant.

The litterbox has to be cleaned daily, and it pretty much gets cleaned daily. Miki is just a stinker, literally. The oder controlling litter we use doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I'm going to have to find a new brand of litter when I get back home. It was in the front bedroom, but we moved it to the porch where Miki is currently staying until I get her SoftPaws.
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What food are you feeding Miki? Generally speaking, the better quality food the less stinky the poo (and less quantity too). I know my two's litter habits (and stink) changed dramatically when I changed from Meow Mix to Authority (which is a mid-priced food, but still pretty decent food overall.
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I believe we are feeding her Whiskas. I think thats what its called.
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ooooooooo Change the food that stuff is nasty in the outcome. Poor Skittles had it and she stank us out of the house..I was in a jam at the time.
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