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Crazy Cats...need help

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Hi everybody i have 2 cats both Persian, one f 3 yo and one male 2 yo, f was spayed 2 years ago male was neuter 1 month ago.
They love each other, play and slepp together but since i shave them ( i always do it one a year cause it is hot) this time they being fighting, sometimes they fight for a few minutes and they are friend again but this times they been fighting for a week, my female is very scare she does not want to fight the boy been looking at her like he wants to kill it and i'm not joking scare me just to look at the way he looks at her. The female trys to avoid confrontentions but the male keep looking for a fight...i do not get it...they always love to each other and the male was alays a sweet heart that wont kill a fly... after i neuter him (1 month ago) and shaving him he act like a diferent cat, he has a ugly look in his face and i'm worry for my female...do not know what you do...i will have to get rid of one cause i have to keep them in diferent room and this is a big problem...
let me know what you guys think.
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I'm not sure it's the shaving, exactly... and if so it might be because your male feels he's inferior because he's (naked) shaved/without that extra buff. Some cats change after nuetering.
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Are they bathed while at the groomers?

If so they both have a brand new scent and are not recognizing each other. Plus grooming is stressful and the boy probably also has some pent up energy he is needing to discharge in the way of redirected aggression.

If they are indeed bathed then try having it done one time without a bath. Most of the kitties in our shop are not bathed when they are clipped- both shaving and a bath is just too much stress.
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