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One week old today...new pics

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The kittens are a week old today! Their eyes are starting to open now. Well, the first 3's are...Yoda was born 36 hours after #3, so He's still behind the others. 2of them each have one eye open and the other has a little part of both open. It's so cute!!

I went in to spend some time with the rugrats this morning and Momma Missy wasn't there. Usually once I pick them up and they start crying Missy comes running. Today she didn't. We called her, made the kittens cry on purpose, nothing, no Missy. We took advantage while she was gone and took them out of the closet and got new pics. I've added them to our album at the link below. But we finally found Missy outside the front door waiting to come in. She was quite upset because the babies were out of the closet and made me put them back in - she walked to a kitten, licked it, then walked into the closet, then a circle around us, then to another kitten and started all over. Clearly telling me to put them back!

A little while later we happened to catch her outside again. She had knocked the screen out of one of the windows to get out. Now I'm worried! Should I get some milk replacement just in case she gets out and stays out for too long? We did fix that screen, but she's really slick at sneaking out. (That's how she ended up with kittens in the first place)

If she does go out for a while, how often do they need to eat? How much should they eat? Gosh I really hope she doesn't do that!!!! She's very attentive when she's in here with them, but the weather is so nice right now I'm sure it's hard for her to resist. All 3 of my cats are wanting out and none of them are outdoor cats!!!!

I read on a website that their sense of smell isn't developed yet. Is that true? It doesn't seem like it would be true because they definitely know when someone new is around or if I'm wearing perfume. I put new air freshner in my room today and lil Jacob hissed and hissed! They are just so darn cute!!!!

Here's the link to our photo album:

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Hi there. I tried to get into your link to see your pics, but you need a password, etc. Congrats on the kitties. Your gonna want go do your very best to make sure Momma kitty doesn't get out anymore. She can get pregnant again right away! These kitties are so sneaky on how they figure out how to slip out, aren't they? Do you plan on getting her spayed?
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AAAhhhhh great...last thing we need is more kittens! We'll have to be very diligent about keeping her inside. I'm really worried right now because one of my other cats seems to have gotten outside, too. He's my baby. He was stuck in the birth canal for a few hours when he was born and has slight brain damage. Not a total retard -just enough to make him adorable, but too much to give him the cat sense he needs to survive outside. I live just steps away from a busy freeway too! Please pray he makes it home okay!

Thanks for the heads up on my photo album. Didn't realize I needed a different link. Here it is.....

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And yes, I do plan on getting her spayed. When is the right time? I've heard 4 wks after, 6 wks, heard that spaying stops milk production, etc. So I'm totally confused! I'd like to get her spayed as soon as possible as this is her second litter in 6 months! She was just starting to look healthy again from her last litter!
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Snapfish makes you have an account to view all the pictures ?
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