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Indoor cats without shots

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I have a friend who is a first time cat owner. She insists because she isnt letting her cats outside they dont need any kind of vacs. I said thats not true you can track stuff in on your feet. But she dissagrees. Whos right? If im right, how can i convince her that her babies might get sick?
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She would need to check the local laws... cats where I live dont evan need a rabies if they are outside... I would highly recommend at least rabies evan for an indoor cat
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http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body..._if_indoor_pet If you roam around that site, you'll probably find enough arguments. Distemper is a must for all cats, even indoor cats, as that can certainly be "tracked in", and is deadly. Rabies may or may not be required where she lives; after having Jamie catch bats out on our balcony twice in a week's time, I've decided it's probably a good idea for indoor cats, too.
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were in alaska, we have alot of wild dogs that breed with wolves, they form packs.

Thanks for the site, im going to give it my all. I think the animals deserve to be protected.
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It's a precaution. If in five years her kitty gets a disease that could have been prevented... How can precaution hurt? It's like a human. If you were to stay indoor all the time, wouldn't you still want your shots updated?
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thats what i say.
I give my son his vacs because its precaution. I do the same for my furry babys.
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Vaccinations are always a must!
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In general, I would consider distemper a must for kittens and strongly advisable for adults. One modified live dose in adulthood is considered to confer strong and probably lifelong immunity. The disease is so deadly and so easily spread that it's wise to vaccinate all cats.

As for rabies, one shot so they're protected is advisable and minimally risky. Beyond that, my belief is that the risks far outweigh the benefits for an indoor cat. However, many jurisdictions have laws regulating rabies vaccines and technically I can't advise anyone to disobey the law here.
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