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What do I do now?

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I cant believe as much as Squiggles and Squeeky are together, that Squeeky is still going to the bathroom on my floor. You would think that an only child, who never leaves the momma's side, that he would watch what momma is doing and copy it...

So I went out and got the spray , and the Natures Miracle..But the store did not have any more patience that I could purchase

Im running out of patience, terribly. Specially because I rent, and always swore to my landlord I would keep things clean.

Now, no matter where I spray and clean, Squeeky doesnt go far away from that spot..And there is no way I can block it off because its half of my living room, where the computer desk and everything is. So even if I try, He can jump up on the chair and climb over.

With that said, I changed litter, and litter boxes, I have done everything I could think of in the last week.

What else can I do before one of these stains gets too deep in the carpet, I even picked up all his poop, put him in the box, and let him sniff it. Which was always the way to get any other cats to go...

Im almost wondering if he does it on purpose..Squiggles helps none..I put both of them in the bathroom last night while I went to bed, with food,water,toys, and litter...

My son was getting ready for school, and Squiggles got out...So I put her back in , and now she is clawing at the door, leaving visable signs, so that wont work. I could keep baby in there, but will he learn on his own??
He is still feeding off her a big amount, which I tried to work on now that he is on food. So is seperating a good idea or not as far as weaning too??
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you could try keeping the cat in a lrg dog crate with dirt box and after each meal put him/her on litter box and use his paws to show him how to dig it sounds silly but it has worked for me in past untill he/she gets the idea
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awww i have no help, just encouragement for you, i really hope the kitties stop!
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Try putting his food dish where he normally pees, poops on the carpet, they won't pee where they eat.
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I hope things get better. I think the dog crate is a great idea.
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