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Litter liners

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I've had no problems with litter liners until we got Whitey.

Granted, I understand that he probably wasn't use to them at first, but after 4 weeks, this is getting annoying!

What he does is he paws at the sides and will wind up covering the litter with the flaps of the liner. So then the next cat that goes doesn't hit the litter, but their poo and pee wind up on the liner. There's been a few times that I've had to gag because of how disgusting it was.

I've taped down the sides with shipping tape, but he will continue to paw at the sides until he can rip the tape. Other then telling him to knock it off any other suggestions?
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Get rid of the liners. Sorry I know it isn't helpful but not using the liners isn't that bad. I scrub out Phenoms litter pan every sunday and it isn't to bad. I just scoop out the solids and clumps daily and it stays pretty clean. She would dig to china and tear big holes in the liners when they were in there.
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I only use liners in the covered boxes, I gave up on the uncovered because I was having the same trouble as you.
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I always used liners when it was just Twitch, but she is declawed(don't ask). When Lily came along, she would shred the liners, so I had to quit using them. It's not that bad. And now I use Rubbermaid tubs as top entry litterboxes, so the liners wouldn't work anyways.
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I agree with Phenomsmom, my cat Sibohan digs her litte heart out and the liners are turned into streamers. I have not been using liners for almost a year now (but scooping daily) and it goes much better. I found that the liners traped wet stuff that would make the litter smell bad. By using a non-lined pan and scooping the odor and work is cut way down.
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The only reason I started using them is because I have bad aim with the litter boxes and the garbage can .
We did have a 3rd one without the liner and he was fine with that.

I'll try a week without one. Both are open litter boxes. Unfortunately we don't have any hiding nooks tall enough for a covered ones...plus I had a smelly experience before when I took care of the neighbors cats.
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