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Attack of the Clones!!!!!

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Go see it! The movie kicked some major tail! How long til Episode 3?
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Ep. III is due out in May 2005...tick tock, tick tock.....
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I can't wait to see Attack of the clones!! I'm just gonna wait till it comes out on DVD, though
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I remember when I finished watching Ep I. I said that same thing, how long till II. I cannot believe its finaly here. Cant wait to go see it.
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We've got tickets to an 8 o'clock showing this evening. I orginally bought tix for last night but had a work dinner I had to attend so I changed it. I'm not particularly into seeing it but the S/O is.

Good to see you Deb!
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Awesome movie!!! Hubby is a huge Star Wars freak, so there was no choice. It really should be seen in the theater, though.

Wasn't Yoda just awesome???!!!
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I've heard mixed reviews about the movie. Personally, I'm not really interested in Star Wars, so I don't think that I am going to see it.
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Yoda was indeed awesome. Saw this flick for the 2nd time tonight. You really do have to see it in the theater.
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Movie quote???

Does anyone remember what Amidala said to Aniken in the tunnel when they thought that they were about to die?

I know It's kinda cheesy but I like it. Please post it here thanks!
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I looooooved that movie!!!

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we went last night. I was completely underwhelmed. Ani & Padma couldn't have had less chemistry if they had been in 2 different movies.

She went from correcting the queen and telling her Ani wasn't a jedi yet and overruling his choice on where to hide to letting him kiss her....huh??? Did I miss the part where she went from being dismisive and curt to starry eyed? That was the most disapointing part of the movie for me.

I did enjoy the light saber fight at the end. Yoda kicks ass!
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Saw it and loved it! Now we have to wait 3 more years for the next one.

Yoda kicks butt! I really did enjoy the whole movie, though. The visual effects are mind boggling.
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FYI, they already have a release date for the DVD/video. November 26 - just in time for Christmas!

Also, for any Lord of the Rings fans, there are actually 2 releases of the DVD. The basic movie and extras, 2 disc set, will be released in August. But if you can wait, there is a 2nd release scheduled for November that will include a LOT of extras - 5 disc set.
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I'm reading the book now. Can't get enough. This should hold me until the next trip to the theater.

AP: No chemistry?!? I'm ! I'm a pushover for those eyes of his! Guess this is what comes of having nobody at the old homestead currently.
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I join the ranks of the underwhelmed here. The best thing for me the movie had to offer was an awesome array of creative aliens. I loved the winged warriors, but overall, the movie did nothing for me, and I am a star wars fan. I don't think it was so much the movie, but the actors who fell short the young annikan and the senator for one. But it did have good special effects and we were in a very uncrowded theater so that helped.
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