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What do I do?

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A little over a month ago my boyfriend and I adopted two cats from a breeder, they were a breeding pair. Anyway when we got them the female was already pregnant, we didnt know till later. Now my boyfriend is in love with the male. I want to get him neutered now cause he sprays, he also is in his own room right now since he cant be with the female who is expecting. He cries in the room he is in and doesnt stop, it is so annoying, but I also feel bad for him cause he is all alone. However my boyfriend doesnt want to neuter him till after the mom has her kittens. He says he really wants a kitten from the male, and I told him he is getting one in this litter but he is worried something could go wrong, so he doesnt want to neuter him till after the babies come. Except I dont know when the babies are coming, could be another 2 weeks and I dont want to listen to him crying in the other room, its really loud. Im trying to convince my boyfriend to let me get the male neutered but he wont go for it. Im really trying, I know its best for him to be neutered and then he could roam with the other cats in the house, but I cant just get him neutered behind my boyfriends back, the male is his, the female is mine. Once the female has her babies,after about 8 weeks, im getting her spayed.

But how can I convince my boyfriend to let me get the male neutered? Also how can I get the male to stop crying in the other room? He has toys, a scratching post and food and water. I even put a feliway diffuser in there, and that has helped with his spraying in that room, but I really want to neuter him.He is driving me and my roomates crazy with his meowing....help!
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I understand why you want to get both cats fixed, its just the responsible thing to do. Also, its good for the cats. You need to sit down with your boyfriend and express your concern for the cats and let him know that its not just your preference. Have him explain why he doesn't want the male cat to be fixed. Then maybe yall can go from them. I support your wanting the cats to be fixed. I mean, there are kittens to consider from breeding, finding the right home. There is a huge possibility that each kitten from each litter goes to an unfit home and either is abused, neglected or left homeless.

as far as the meowing, I don't know what to tell you. I don't blame the male for meowing like that, he doesn't understand why he has to be locked up. Thats yet another reason why he and the female should be fixed. That way he can always roam the house. Keep using the diffuser and make sure he gets plenty of attention. I am sure your boyfriend spends time with the male, that is important. Just hang in there and hopefully you will find a solution to his meowing or hopefully he will calm down. Good luck!
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You cats are still enw to your home. It sounds like they've adjusted well, but locking your male up isn't going to make him happy, or like you better. Especially in the beginning, it's probably better for his feelings to be warm and fuzzy opposed to locked up and confused.

Like puppycat said, rationally explain to your boyfriend the reasons for neutering, the importance, etc.

Good luck.
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