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which of your cats or other animals has a personality like you??

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In my case it would be Zoey ... We are both fiesty yet sweet and usually misunderstood...
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I'm like Missy, quiet and shy.
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Theres a bit of me in both of mine really?.

Rosie because i'm a no nonsense woman and Sophie has the confidence i have.
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I'm like Pudge. Wierd with crazy bursts of hyperactivity who dislikes it when strangers try to touch her.
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that's a tough question, I really on't think any of my cats are like me, but my dog is! grumpy, likes his quiet alone time, just likes to eat
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I don't think either of them are like me. Rambo is so incredibly laid back that not much really bothers him, and Lucky is a totally diva that complains loudly if things aren't her way. So...maybe i have a bit of both of them! lol
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Luna totally has my slight OCD tendencies. .

I don't like to begin something without finishing something else first. Luna is like that. For example, last night she kept trying to walk away from the play circle because Whitey was watching her play. Well I would move the piece of string just a little and she would turn around and slap her paw on it to stop it. LOL
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i'm like Pixel - lazy, lay around as much as i can - don't bug others unless they bug me first!
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I am like Maverick. We both are very demanding and like everything on out own terms.

My sister is like Jupiter - sleeps all day, wakes up to eat and annoy everyone, then goes out all night.
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I'm just like Harley - full of attitude!
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Oddly, my birds are most like me.
Abby is a morning birdie, the earlier the better, she complains loudly when things don't go her way, and she has days when she just doesn't feel like being nice.
Murphy is clown,a huge ham. Loves the spotlight, can't stand it when he's not the center of attention, he loves making people laugh. He also loves to snuggle
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I'm like both of mine.
Nismo is a big flirt, gets bored easily but is fantastic at entertaining herself.
Sleeves has a very sensitive side, you can see him go over things in his head to make sense of them.
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My husband tells me both the cat and the dog are like me.
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I'm like Twitch, I like to lay in my bed all day & I'm bossy! When she or I yell, someone jumps! Both our hobbies include eating, sleeping, & going to the bathroom. We both like to pick on our "little sisters", too.
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Rocky, Rocky, Rocky. We both eat fast, have some pudge around our bellys, are goofy, we both don't see so good, we both are a bit clumsy compared to others of our species. WE are also both lovable, friendly and needy, and enjoy giving kisses. Also we both sneeze a lot (for different reasons though).
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I think I'm more like my Precious. She is very shy around people she doesn't know - even around those she does know, sometimes - but is very affectionate and sweet. We both gain some weight in the winter but shed it in the summer. We both love just sitting on the porch outdoors and enjoying the weather and sunbathing. We also both like laying around
Since we're both shy around others, others assume we don't like them. Like, if someone that Precious doesn't know very well comes over, she will run away. They assume that she doesn't like them (not true, usually) Just like if someone I don't know very well is near, I shy away or don't talk much - they usually think I don't like them (usually not true). Sooooooo I'm most like Precious

Great topic by the way! I'm enjoying it
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I'm mostly like Laura because I sleep at night and am constantly active during the day.
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Joey & I are definitely "the team"! JC is so big & mellow - he's like a surfer type, with the mottoes "Shakka (sp?)" and "No Worries, Mate!".
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Funny, my DH and I were just talking about this today. Chloe and I are very similar in personality and fur/hair color. Iris and my DH are similar too in personality and coloring. Good matches in our house.
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Conner and I are so much alike, people pick on us all the time. We are both loving and quirky, demanding and playful. And I swear he gets his ridiculous sense of sarcasm from me, lol.
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All my cats have something in common with me in one way or another but Smudge is my soul mate cat. I can't think of ways she acts like me, just that we are connected in a way that my other cats and I aren't.
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Jack Daniels is a lot like me. That's why he's my rock n roll kitty! He don't like people comin in and invading his space. He gets to know others before judging. And best of all he's a rock n roll freak!
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