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Pandora Worry

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My daughter, who usually treats the cats gingerly and with care, decided she'd toss Pandora instead. For which she got in trouble for because I will not tolerate my child abusing animals. And I know she knows better.

Well now Pandora is limping (it's her left hind leg) and she can lay on it okay and doesn't cry but if you move it she cries.

There is no vets open right now, so first thing in the morning if she still is having problems, we are calling a vet and getting her seen right away.

Unfortunately we don't have much money cause times have hit us really hard.

But darn it....we have to do what we have to do.

I just don't understand why my child would do such a thing.
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I can't help with why your daughter would toss Pandora, but your are a good person to understand the importance of teaching kids to be kind to animals. It would be best for Pandora to keep her as immobile as you can through the night. If you have a crate or cage it would be best to keep her in it. A small bathroom could be another option. Wishing you well at the vet tomorrow.
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please keep us posted as to Pandora's condition. We hope she is going well this morning. I hope your daughter will understand why throwing the kitty is a no no.
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I hope Pandora will be okay
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Any news on Pandora?
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Im glad pandora is allright, its a shame jackie tossed her like that. But im really glad that shes only sprained and not broken in any way. Huggs rachele
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