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#1--Those people who come into the pet adoption events and monopolize a particular cat or dog for an hour (and the attention of it's foster parent), looking like they've found their one true love. Then when you bring them an adoption form, they say, "Oh, I wish I could take Fluffy home with me, but my (significant other/parents/roommates/landlord/etc.) (is allergic/has leather furniture/says I can't)." OR "The kids just wanted to play with a puppy/kitten."

I'm thinking: "I just saw at least 3 other potential adopters walk past, thinking "fluffy" was taken, and you knew you were never going to adopt him in the 1st place?????? You selfish ****. This isn't a petting zoo. These animals desperately need homes, and you may have just lost us the perfect family."

BTW, does anyone have any ideas how to spot people who are "just lurking" vs. the real mccoy? And how to discourage them? If I come at everyone with an adoption form right away, will that work? Or will I scare off real adopters too?

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Michelle, I often just let people look untill they start asking questions about the cat. I can get the feel if they are serious or not if they ask good questions like "Why was she given up?" "Does she get along with other cats?" "Is she an inside only kitty?"

When they ask about the cat's lifestyle they tend to be interested in bringing her home. Since our clinic has limited rooms the cats can only be visted during surgery so I find the serious adopters will come back between the surgery hours.
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