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Pet Peeves

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This doesn't have to be about pets, but anything that just bugs you. Rhea and I were discussing one of my worst-and hers too-the people who "sneak" insults on you. A good example would be the mother on Everybody Loves Raymond. Since most of us don't like to hurt other people we never have a quick comeback! That burns me up. They enjoy themselves and we feel like 2 cents for days.
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People that think that they are the only ones on the road when they are driving.....
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Eeeks Jeanie!! don't get me started again!!! :LOL: (I'd have thought you'd have heard enough about my MIL by now!!! :laughing: )

THe other thing that really gets me is all these music vidoes which have about 50 almost naked women in for no apparent reason.....you know all surrounding one fully clothed ugly bloke....... grrrrrr......
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Hey, a good example of that is Marilyn Manson's video for Tainted Love- Now, that guy is as ugly as they come and hes surrounded by goth chicks in bikinis in the video. I guess its almost like wearing jewlery? He thinks it makes HIM look better I guess.

Anyways- one of my pet peeves is people who get in my personal space. I hate being at the grocery store unloading my stuff to be paid for and I turn around and the idiot behind me is like a foot away Or, when people think they need to be nose to nose with me to talk to me- what is with that ?! And they never seem to take the hint when I keep backing up. Grrrr...
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I can't stand when people want to breed their dog because "they want a puppy of theirs" or "It's such a nice dog" or "she's so beautiful". Let me tell you there's a lot of beautiful dogs dying in shelters these days so there's not a shortage of them.
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Ooo that pee's me off too Melissa.... and people who are walking in front of you ina crowded place who just suddenly stop for no reason so you bump into them.... grr...

But I just thought of another one - people who eat badly!! You know, the kind of people who eat like they can't breathe.... and you see everything swirling around in their mouth...eeewww. gross.... and people who make ice cream and yoghurt etc sound "chewy" ARGH!!!!! STOP!!! :LOL: (I have to admit, this really makes me wanna hit them....)
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:LOL: Chewy ice cream- I got a giggle out of that one

Ok, heres another personal pet peeve- people who still think its funny to call me Morticia because I dye my hair black Its been this way for well over a year, yet they still say it and guffaw like they said something hilarious. This is mostly family members, btw.

Oh, then theres solicitors If I wanted info on what they represent or wanted to donate to their cause I'm capable of making the decision all my myself!

I could go on all day.....
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Melissa I have the same problem!! I dye my hair black and I've had people call me Morticia or say why do you dress in black all the time? Uh, I'm wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans... I didn't know that meant I was dressed in black.
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:LOL: Mel... I get that too... people are SOOO original with my name... I mean its like I've never been called "DIArhea" before.... Ha bl**dy ha Oh and my surname before I was married was "Crisp".. yeah as in Walkers you idoits...... :LOL:
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Eeks!! Jessica!! We keep posting at the same time!! I don't mean to keep ignoring your posts!! Sorry!!!
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LOL s'ok. I keep thinking of things as I go.... I hate when telemarketers call and when you answer it's a computerized message asking you to hold for a represenative..... So I'm going to sit here and wait for you to sell me something....
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I want a bumper sticker that says, "This is a residential neighborhood; I live here; I don't want to kill my neighbors' kids, and my next door neighbor is a policeman, so get the he-- off my bumper." The speed limit is 25, and people want to go 50 (There's a speed trap now, ha ha- the sirens go off all the time.) Even if I go 5 miles over the limit, which most officers will allow, these idiots lay on their horns when I pull in the driveway. Hey, I go 55-60 on the highway, not the driveway!! Oh, I have a middle finger too, but I use it to wear a ring!
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This is another one of those "don't get me started threads", I see.

I can definitely think of a few things that aggravate the stuffins out of me..

I agree with the personal space. It seems some cultures find this cozy and I definitely do not! And as a former teacher, that is seen as a control manuever.

I also detest rudeness in all forms. I know this is very broad, but some aggravations that come to mind immediately would be:

People who insist everyone in the whole neighborhood, county, on the freeway, whatever be subjected to their poor choice of music. I have noted that the worse the "so-called" music is, the louder they play it. Either at home or in the car.

Guests in one's car or home, who feel it is necessary to rearrange, move, or otherwise alter something (that they really have no business touching) without asking.

People who leave behind evidence of their visit to parks, nature areas, wildlife preserves, waterways, etc. It is not your home; go throw your rubbish on your own floor!

Telemarketers...'nuf said.
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My biggest pet peeve are rude, lazy, slow clerks. After I graduated from college, I had several retail jobs before starting graduate school. If had EVER acted like some of the pople who work at the pharmacy near me (no names, but it starts with C and ends with VS) I would have been fired on the spot.

On the other hand, I hate people who are rude to clerks for no reason. After all, I've been in there shoes. If I am in line behind someone who is being rude for no reason, I'll try to be extra nice or apologize for the other person's behavior.
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I am a clerk, in a drugstore and I hate people, who stand there and watch me ring everything up and, then dig around, all the way to the bottom of this HUGE purse for their checkbook. Meanwhile, other folks are stacking up behind them. WHY don't they get the checkbook out and start writing, while I'm ringing? When I'm paying, with a check, I have it made out, except for the amount.
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I really get upset when delivery people knock at my door and then walk in without waiting for me to invite them. I've had to leave the door unlocked because of my illness, but I finally had to put a sign on the door that said, "Please ring the doorbell and wait." I do that at my own children's homes.

Like Rhea, poor table manners disgust me. I don't want to hear someone chewing or see their food. Yuck. I can't eat; it bothers me that much!
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This thread could get as long as The Alphabet Game! LOL

mslemon - I totally agree with you about the music. The people who live below me have to listen to their music REALLY LOUD at least once a week. They do have a wide range of musical taste - from classic country to Journey. The two times I distincly remember were Christmas Day when they were BLASTING Christmas Carols, and when they were BLASTING Enya. Ok, now I like Enya and all, but I really don't think she was ever meant to be heard at decibal overload!

Driving - I have too many to name here. People on cell phones who aren't paying attention, especially in bad weather. These stupid people who actually think that 4-wheel drive means they can still go 60 mph on icy roads, and will ride your butt if you are driving safely.

My biggest irk, though, is the complete lack of any kind of customer service. Try to work out a problem with one of these credit card companies, I dare you, or any other service that you pay for (electric, water, phone, etc.). Then they want to charge me to pay them - $10 for a check by phone, $3 over the internet, etc.
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Ugh! I have so many pet peeves also. One of the big ones, like all you have said is when people aren't ready to pay when they get in line. I used to work at Target and some people! They dig for like an hour in their purse trying to find their credit card or something then they apologize profusely until they finally find it. Also, I hate people who ride your bumper b/c they think you are going too slow. I had someone do that to me the other day when I was driving home from work and I was already going 10-15 miles over the speed limit. I was so tempted to tap on my breaks and let him hit me to teach him a lesson, but I didn't want to have to go through the whole hassle with insurance companies. I also hate when people :censor::censor::censor::censor: and attitude with me because they think they are all better than you or something. Its like why don't you just get down off your high horse and go do this yourself!
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I also have quite a few pet peeves, but probably can't think of very many right now.. :laughing:
Some of them I can think of are getting behind really really slow drivers on the highway when I can't pass. And telemarketers of course, and picking up dirty dishes that my hubby is too lazy to carry into the kitchen after he eats.
I hate waiting forever for a website to load, and OH....this is a BIGGEE with me right now..........People who find it necessary and perfectly acceptable to rub my belly since I am pregnant. I do not rub their bellies...so back off jack. I know they mean well, but sheeesh! This is a little personal in my opinion!!!! It is my stomach after all, and I don't think rubbing it does anything for it. This irritates the crap out of me.
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I'll tell you what drives me nuts, is when someone thinks they are always right about something, and no matter how wrong they are, they are right. My dad is like that, and drives me absolutely nuts. Or if I try and talk to him about something, he always has to have something to say.

Or another one is when you are just talking to someone one, not asking for their opinions/advice, they have to have the last word or make some smart @$$ remark.

Debby -- Can I rub your belly? :LOL: Now, that would drive me nuts. My husand does a really annoying thing: he pokes at my underarm with him finger, or pokes at my side when I'm in an irritated mood to make me laugh.... Ok, now sometimes it does, but other times it just irritates me more!
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Oh, Debbie, you reminded me of one my husband does. I hate it when you have just scrubbed the floor and waxed it, and someone has to walk on it-can't wait a few minutes, or use another door; they have to undo your work. What a lack of respect! Can you imagine what he would say if he just washed and waxed the car and I touched it with muddy fingers? Muddy feet are fine on my floor, though. Grrrrrrrr....He also threw his dirty clothes on the floor. I still love him, but I think some men think housework means nothing.
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Oh Debby- I can totally sympathize. When I was pregnant with my first child and still working ,coworkers would come up to me and pull up the bottom of my shirt to rub my belly! What the heck makes people think that pregnant people are public property?!? :LOL:
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I'm at the point where if someone calls and asks for "Kirk Hedges" or something like that (my name is Keith Hodges), I know immediately that is a phoneshark. Also, I'm on the verge of buying a whistle because these idiots just don't get it (AT&T). I keep hanging up on them and they keep calling. Like Melissa said, if I wanted your service or wanted to donate, I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own. GGRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

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Same company! They asked if I was Mrs. Gresser. I said "no." (They weren't even close! There's no S in the middle of my name at all.) He said "Now, wait a minute, don't you have ATT cable?" Yep, but I'm not Mrs. Gresser. I wanted to see how he would switch the pitch!! But then he asked, "How much do you pay for your cable?"
NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. SLAM I'm always polite with them, but that was too much!
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For those who are hounded by phone solicitors, this actually works because they know they will have to pay up. No really. I used it on a scam credit card company that was calling hubby 8 times a day saying he sent in an application (he didn't). They were told repeatedly to take him/us off their list. The calls stopped as soon as I threatened them with this.

They have to take you off their calling list when asked to, but you do have to ask. Hanging up and just saying no over and over doesn't work. If/when they call back, find out the name of the person calling, and the name of the company. Tell them that they have been told to take you off their list, that you have their name and the companies name, and if they call again you will take them to court. There is a federal law that says that if a company has been asked to take you off their list, and you have documented when they called, when you asked, and when they called back (you need the names of the people you spoke to, also) you can take them to small claims court and they HAVE to pay you $300 for harassment and wasting your time. There is a similar law for those annoying fax solicitations. You can get info on that at www.junkfaxes.org.
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You didn't do anything funny, but I am laughing like a fool here. I glanced down and thought I saw "www.junka$$e$.com"!! It would have been apropos, wouldn't it? Thanks for the tip!
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I cannot stand when people tailgate me. I will be driving 5 miles OVER the speed limit and they get so close you feel like slamming on your brakes and giving them a scare. Although I'd never do that because with my luck they'd slam into me and screw my car up. I always hope to drive by a cop when someone is doing that.
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pet peeves!? did someone say pet peeves? well ladies and gentlemen I've got some that drive me ballistic!
at work, customers that are exteremly RUDE! don't they realize we don't HAVE to serve them? the customer is always right my butt not in that case jerk!
people with those loud thumping radios in their cars! that right there causes my road rage to go into overtime!
I really don't want to hear their music, and I bet they don't want to hear mine either!
people who swat at my cats is cause for me to throw them out of my house! messing with my animals is a HUGE no-no in this house and ALL who come here know that!
stupid people who don't take care of their animals, I feel like they should be treated the way they are treating their animals good luck scrounging for food jerk!
telemarketers, that is why I have caller id and an answering machine, if you want to talk to me, leave a message.
not putting the toilet paper on the roll if you use the last of it!
self explanitory!
and the list goes on and on! but these are ones that make me absolutely nuts!
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I'm with Barb about not putting the toilet paper on the roll but rather I can't stand when the last person to drink the last bit of water from the water filtration pitcher doesn't refill it so when I go to get some water there's none.

I also hate when people don't pick up after their dogs when walking them. Either my dog tries to eat it or I step in it.
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I absolutely cannot stand people who indulge in their filthy habits in public. Someone gnawing their fingernails sends me right over the edge. The same with popping gum and chewing with their mouth open.
I also hate loud, booming alleged music in cars. I hate rap or hiphop in any place. One of my daughter's smart ass little friends put a rap cd in my car cd player and it went right out the window!
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