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Kitten pics

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Just to let you know I've got some new pics of the babies on this thread


You will see how it is amazing that at just 26 days of age that they interact quite well with their Uncle Gizmo (9 year old neutered male who is, of course, not their daddy!).

And as today was the first day they used the litter tray...there's even a picture of one of them using it! haha!

You will be relieved to hear that I have locked the camera away......(for now).
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I clicked on the link and it took me to another page with another link, so i clicked on that link and it wanted me to login to see the pictures.
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ok it should work now
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It doesnt work. It wants me to sign in. The way I put my links on here was to click on the pic and then get the link from that and copy and paste it to here and then go to the next picture and do the same thing. I dont know why this keeps wanting me to sign in and the pictures are not just showing up.
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Not working now? I just made the album public
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Now it is working. VERY beautiful cats. Thank you for sharing.
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That was awsome the are growing up so fast can't wait till mine are that big they will be 3 weeks on thursday
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