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Cat is always afraid of me

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Heya, this is my first post here.. but here goes.

Anyways I have 2 cats, ones name is "spooky" and the other is "willow" we got them together and they are brothers.

We have had them for over a year. And willow is a real chill cat, no problems at all, hes friendly, lets you hold him, always friendly.

But spooky, ever since we have gotten him hes ALWAYS been afraid of me and sudden movement. Hes more friendly with my mom, but even if she was loud or something he would run and hide. Spooky barley lets me pet him, i have to crouch and get low so i dont seem so big, and make soothing sounds to get him to come to me.

Sometimes hell come to my room but hes ready to bolt if i even turn my chair to fast towards him.

We have never physically hurt the cats, im even kind of a whoose when it comes to punishing my dogs, i hate to smack em, but of course sometimes its needed to teach them. But the spooky has never been hurt by any one living in this household.

We did get these cats from other people when they were about 4 months oldish some where around there. Spooky had an eye infection, and both willow and spooky had flees. So we had to put eye drops in spookies eyes, and he was EXTREMELY afriad of us at first, we had to catch him, and hold him and put the eye drops in. but that was way back when we first got them.

Anyways, is there anything i can do to make spooky more friendly? it seems like its apart of his nature to be afraid of everything. Has anyone else had a cat like this?
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it could most certainly be a combo of things for spooky. There's no tellin how he was treated in his prior home. And then coming to a new home with new poeple who were putting drops in his eyes could have set him back. Then there are just some cats that are not that warm to people. It will probably take him a looong time for him to get any better, not to say that he will ever be like your other kitty. But consistency is the key. Don't ever force yourself on him, let him come to you. Only pet him when he comes to you. This way, he can feel that he is making the decision and that nobody is "out to get him". When he walks into a room, just let him wonder, don't turn to him or make movements. I don't mean to sound like you should ignore him all together but just let him make all the moves first. since you have had him for over a year, he knows by now you are not going to harm him and he knows you feed him which is good. So just lt him know that you aren't always wanting to pet him or hold him. He will obviously be the kitty to want his space, so just let him know that he has it. Hopefully eventually he will start coming to you for attention. i hope he does become less skitish and warms up to you more. good luck
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I agree with puppycat completely.
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My cat Daisy has always been extra-nervous. She has lived with us for more than seven years and still hides when strangers come to the house. No-one has ever hurt her, we didn't even have to give her any unpleasant treatment like you did for yours, but she's still terribly nervy. Things I have done to make her feel better are: plenty of safe hideys, no pressure on her to be with us, she has her food on a high-up place, she is rarely picked up or put anywhere, we just let her choose what she will do. Funnily enough, since I have been working in a school and have School Holidays off(marvellous invention they are too) I have spent a lot more time at home and Daisy has improved in her confidence no end. I haven't even been spending the time 'with' her, just hanging about really. So my advice is give it time, don't worry about it, and Spooky the cat may not be so Spooky!
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