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Grushenka and Tatyana

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Should be posting a reply rather than a new thread but didn't see a place to do so. Thanks Safron,Jeannie, Valanhb et al.

No, Jeannie was not an English teacher, but Russian major as you might guess from the Russian names. Tatyana is the heroine in Pushkin's Evgeny Onegin. Yes, I do like F. Scott Firzgerald--thought it would be a kick to name my critters after famous literary personages, to wit the Rottie Anna Karenina( my favorite Russian novel along with War and Peace) The Creat Gatsby, etc.

The collective mystery sounds like a kick. Will indeed get on the site.

Have some other questions, ladies--am so much more familiar with puppies than kittens, but will post on other more appropriate sites.

The girls are wonderful--they even ventured downstairs for an instant this morning. When The Great GAtsby started woofing in greeting, wagging his tail, etc., they retreated. They follow my around like my puppies did whenever I am upstairs.....Tatyana is the vocal one, and Tatyana the most playful one. Both are very loving---and oh so loveable. Gatsbycat, a/k/a TwitEm@aol.com
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I'm glad to hear that the girls are getting braver. It does take a while to build up courage.

Just to let you know, there is a "Post Reply" button at the bottom of the thread, on the right. Just click that and you will be taken to (almost) the same screen as when you start a thread. The only time there isn't a "Post Reply" button is if the thread has been closed by the mods (generally because there has been flaming, it is a duplicate thread, or if they moved the thread to a different forum.)
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I did Three Sisters in an acting class, sang in Boris Goudenov-phonetically, and did a paper on Tolstoy, but that's about the extent of my Russian knowledge- oh, and I love to play Rachmaninoff and Tschaikovsky. But that's really it! I rememebered that you were a teacher, but I'm sorry I got your subject wrong! Oh, and I had a Collie named Natasha! I'm becoming fluent now!! HA!HA!
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Hi, Jeannie--that's more Russian than a lot of people are exposed to. Tolstoy is one of my favorite Russian writers. I guess you got Natasha from War and Peace? Actually I never taught Russian--did coursework for MA, but didn't return to write the thesis after the fire. I still read in Russian, have Russian TV, but don't get to speak it much anymore except to Grushenka and Tatyana and The Great Gatsby. If I get another dog, he will be Oscar Wilde...ha!

Am really enjoying my Siamese girls. Guess they will adapt to the presence of a 77 pound dog in their lives eventually. Gatsbycat
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