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folded ears that weren't this morning!

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I have a 4yr old fixed female, standard alley cat, who is quite skittish around my husband but usually ok with me. This evening we noticed that her ears are slightly folded at the tips, similar to a Scottish Fold. My husband pointed this out while he was petting her; my concern is that perhaps her stress over his attention caused this. She appears to be fine, and the ears don't bother her. One tip is cool to the touch & the other is body temp.
Any one ever heard of this before? I'm wondering if she may have had a mild stroke today.
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I have not ever heard of anything like this one before. Hopefully someone else has. If nothing else, I would keep an eye on her for a few days and if nothing changes, make an appt with a vet.
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I've only seen something similar to this once before. It was a secondary infection from a really severe ear mite problem and the ears were really nasty-looking.

But could ear mites be a culprit? I'd definitely see a vet before anything got worse.

Good Luck,
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I asked our vet about the ears, and he did suggest mites, but I can see absolutely no sign. We did have a short spell of mild weather where the cats were out for most of the day, but I see nothing in her ears & she's not scratching, etc. It's been over a week, and the tips are still folded (!). The folds appear to be more severe when she's anxious and lessen when she's relaxed. Her health & behaviour seem unaffected, so I'll guess we'll ride it out & see what the end result is (though, if we notice anyting peculiar, we will make a vet appt).
Oh, and the ear temp thing doesn't seem to be of any significance - one ear might be cool & the other warm, then it varies, then they're both the same...
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Do you know any of the background on this cat? Which way are they curling?
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The tips fold forward. It is as if the nerves are no longer working in them. Her history is short & sweet - born wild and caught by local SPCA with mom & siblings, adopted at 8wks, first animal in our house, then her "sister" 2wks later, then our adult female dog 8mos after. No stress at those times, and usually none in her day-to-day activities. Wish I could include a pic here.
Checked the ears again just now, perfectly pink & healthy - no mites, etc, anywhere.
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The only thing I can think of...and I even brought it up to the vet I work for is that she may have some pure breed in there. The scottish fold cats have ears that fold forward. It was just a thought. I dont know if mites would make the ears fold like that. Let me know what your vet has to say if you go.
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