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kitten keeps on trying to take cheap shots on new cats

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Okay as mentioned in some of my pervious posts I recently adopted a barn kitten had her spayed yes shots yes anyways shes been here over a month probably 2 months now. Well shes about 11 months old now calico female. Ever since she came here shes acted like shes ALWAYS livved here and right away took over the house. My older male cats whos bigger and stronger then she is lets her get away with EVERYTHING!! He will get mad and hiss at her sometimes but usually they get along.

Okay past month I have posted about a stray cat that i found starving outside big male cat that was near death. Well ever since I have been feeding him he lives in the basement most of the time (has indoor outdoor access)

Well he kinda grew on the family (including my parents) and we have started allowing him indoors. BUT every time we do she causes a fuss. My older male cat who i have had for 10 years has already basically accepted the stray cat he just ignores him most of the time he doesnt even care. BUT My kitten who HAS ONLY been here a few months is trying to make things hard for him.

She is constantly trying to start fights with him. SHe will LAY down in the hallway and he likes to follow me around so he will pass her and she will try and nail him from behind and hiss and growl at him.

Today she even went as far as all out attacking him and hes like TWICE HER SIZE! he did not even fight back he just kinda trotted away and left. My question is will this ONly get worse??? As soon as he defends himself and puts her in her place u think she will stop this none sense? Shes only been here a few months and acts as though she is the QUEEN OF the house! lol Anyone else been in this situation?
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Well first off is he neutered? that could be a big factor, she may be nervous with a tomcat around.

how did you originally introduce them? Could they see or smell each other when he was downstairs? Or did they have no idea about each other and one day you just let them interact and this is what is happening now?
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yes he is nutered and shes been seeing him outside for a while now threw the door smell him on me and the basement im sure so shes pretty use to his scent

the wierd thing is he has no reaction towards her at all he just acts like he doesnt see her and she doesnt exist! i have never seen a cat so calm while shes having a fit he just pretends shes not there, he does not get scared and he does not get angry its strange
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I don't worry as long as no one is getting hurt or upset.. My younger cats sometimes try to challenge the older ones. Obviously he doesn't care about her or she isn't worth his time. Sounds like he has her undercontrol..
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