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*WARNING* This question is kinda gross!

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I'm not sure if any of you have had this happen or not. I have two dogs that are housedogs. They never bother the cats litter box but the last couple of days they have been trying to get in it and trying to dig around. Yesterday I kept having to sweep around the litter box b/c litter was constantly on the floor. I just thought it was Sponge. Today I have swept around the litter box 3 different times. I have caught both of my dogs, one time each, trying to get in the litter box. So, I am thinking its them that is getting the litter all over the floor. I caught one of them really sniffing the nasty in there. I dont know if they are trying to eat it or what. I know they can not be doing this b/c they are hungry b/c they have plenty of food and fresh water out for them.

Has anyone else ever had this happen before? I think she should be having her babies any day now. I am wondering if maybe they are sensing that or something. Anyone know or have any ideas?
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no idea, but my dog is interested in the litter too, not pritty
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Hello fellow missourian

Yes, dogs will eat the poopies the hormones in your prego's poo is peobably what caused the sudden intrest, but if left alone I'm sure they'd "clean the box" out I ould suggest moving the box, or preventing the dogs from getting to it. I would go with the latter for now, I would'nt want to upset a prego by moving her box Where is the box located? Is it possible to block that roo/section of the house off from the litter getters?
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I move them away from it when I seen them getting close and I also tell them NO! I dont want to move the box b/c there really isnt a better place for it to be. I also dont know if it would upset Sponge or not. She is pretty moody right now. I just didnt know if it ws b/c of her getting close to having the babies or what. I will just try to keep the dogs away from it b/c thats just nasty!!! Thanks for your help! BTW you're not far from me. I'm in Lebanon.
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It might be all the good rich kitten food she is eating too Cat food is high in protein and it makes their poo yummy to dogs
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ewwwwww.........I dont understand animals sometimes. I'm sure they dont always understand us though either. LOL
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Lebanon, small town, eh? I don't know if I've ever been probably not, seeing I had to mapquest it
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LOL, yeah its only got about 12,000 people here. I actually live closer to Sleeper than Lebanon. Sleeper only has about 600 people. I'm only about 2 1/2 hours from St.Louis. I have only been to St.Louis a couple of times to go to the zoo.
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Yeah, when I mapquested it there I was shocked at the sparse-ness of streets one little plop of them, and that was it! lol
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LOL thats the way it is!
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It seems like almost all the dogs I have owned, like to eat kitty poo. Yes it is disgusting and I hate cleaning it up! I wonder what makes them wanna eat it?
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I dont know. I havent ever had this problem until yesterday and then all of a sudden its both of my little indoor dogs. so nasty!
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Our 2 dogs were the same.
Can you put in a cat door in a closet or bathroom along with the cats food and litter so that the dogs can't get to it, and the kitty can go have some quiet time, if the dogs get too excited.
If you don't want to put in a cat door, you can also use a baby gate to keep the dogs our of a certain area of the house.
I have also seen really neat made boxes that are designed for the litter box to be hidden, and not track litter everywhere. If you are very mechanically inclined, you could make one.
There is also supposed to be some sort of powder or spray that makes the kitty box krunchies taste bad. I wouldn't think they would need any help, but it is supposed to make the dogs not want to keep eating the kitty poo.
I wish you well. There is nothing worse than a dog who comes to give kisses, and then realize what he was eating before he came.
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on one of the other threads someone made a really cool box to keep theirs labs out of the cat poopies *really pretty ingenius!
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Thank you to everyone that has responded to this and given me some ideas. I guess I will get to figuring something out real soon. I may just get another litter box to keep in the room that she seems to be staying in. We have another cat that is indoor and outdoor. He very seldom uses a litter box though. so maybe the one that is out in the open wont ever have anything in it and just be there incase he has to have it. then keep one with prego kitty. Thanks for helping!
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That is why they call them "dogs"
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Cat candy... yep our puppers eat it too. They used to go after it like no tomorrow. Now they know it is off limits. A stern NO! and a loud unpleasant noise when they go near the box worked for us. Good luck..
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Dogs eat all types of poo, don't they (if you let them!)? I had a labrador once that loved eating his own poo.

Does this thread just emphasise how clever cats are? (Although dogs are just as loveable!)
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Our German Shephard thinks Kittie Poo is the best treat on earth...we have an auto litter box, and she has to time it just right to get it before the box does...yuch!!! She just wont stop!
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In the past, we used a baby gate to keep our last dog out of the cat food and poop.

Thankfully, our current dog isn't interested in either their food or poop.

It is gross, but it's pretty common
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