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I'm going on TV AGAIN!

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Well what a diva I'm turning out to be eh? It's been really good fun actually - They're making a TV program about me as an artist and the paintings I do, where I get the inspiration from and whatnot. It's really scary to be sat in front of this HUGE set of lamps and a camera in an interview... I was so prepared for it, but when the questions started coming I was like "Uuuuuuuuuh......" and then my mind went totally blank. Oh goody! At least I was getting the hang of the "acting" part by the end of the day! It was so much fun but man.... I was SOOO not born to be an actress!!

I started the day at 7am ish, picking up equipment (there's so much heavy stuff, I should have trained with weights for at least a week prior to this) and after that was all finished, I sat through a total of about a 40 minute interview (tea break at this point) and then that was followed by a few hours of filming me walking to my workplace at Kattens Værn, walking into the building (from every concievable angle).... oh and talking about all the pictures that were featured in the filming... what else.... they saw me playing with the cats and explaining why they were such a huge inspiration to me in my work... wow... I think we covered everything. I took a whole new route to work that I've never even seen before! There's a lot of cutting and editing and stuff to do apparently (and they can edit out bits of me reading the weather forecast)

Now all that's left to do is film the photographs of me as a kiddie (oh dear) and the rest of the drawings from my portfolio of "stuff". And the editing... but I'm going to get copies of the finished program on DVD to send home to mummy and daddy (they're going to be so pleased that their daughter is aiming for the bigtime) I've even been allowed to use the opportunity to advertise my intentions of making a cattery... WOO!!

I've had so much fun today... now I've got to survive tomorrow. I'm soooooo tired!!!
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Yay! How very exciting! Will we be able to see the program?
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wow!! maybe things are looking up for you
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Wow, huge congrats!! I never knew you were an artist; I'd love to see some of your work. And I'm not sure where you live, so will it be on US tv? I'd really like to see it. If so, do you know the channel and time and everything?

Anyway, all the hard work and cameras will pay off!
I'm very happy for you!

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Congratulations Emma that must have been so much fun! Do you know what channel it will be on and when?
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Congrats!! That is so awesome! Really.

I was on TV once for the "Larry Elder Show", but it wasnt for good things. It was for some crap that was happening in my home, that is all fixed now. But Larry Elder Show, is like a generic Dr. Phil. lol. It was horrible. But I got to go to L.A. and be treated like a superstar, so that was awesome!

When do you get to be on TV? Like what day?
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