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Pics of you and your furry babies

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I searched and couldn't find any topics related to this. This is for pics of those of us with our furry critters

I'll start it off with me and my Bitey
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I must get another one of the 3 of us as this is the only one.

Sophie in my arms and rosie kissing her mum

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I think I have posted this one before, but me and Harley were cudding watching TV one night and John snapped this picture
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Here are me and my wierdos lol

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i've only got a few...
Pixel sleeping on my head

Chip allowing me to kiss his nose

Cable, the day she was found in the road - that's me holding her. i have to tell you that 'cause you can't really tell who it is!

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Awww these are just too precious!
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I know I posted some before, but I love to share.

Me and Rocky, I love his expression in this photo, and he looks very handsome.

Me and Zakk

Hubby and Cookie

Me and Suzie- very rare as she doesn't like to be held

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Me and Tigger
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Awww, these are all great pictures!

I'll have to see if I can dig a couple out of me and my babies!
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Me and Salem
Me and Spook
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Me 'n Cindy...

Fawn and her Daddy...

Suzy and her Daddy...

...what can I say? She likes to squish in behind him on his computer chair ...
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Here are a few of me and my girls! The last pic is them with DH of course! I'm always sleepy when DH has taken pics of me with em. But then most of these were taken after working I think.

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I'm almost never in pictures because I'm always the photographer! This one isn't the greatest, but DH snapped one with the girls and me last year.

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Here is me and my furkids.

Me Skittles and Chandler my 5 yr old son.

Me and baby reading the emails.
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