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Litter box WAY too full!!!

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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on this site so bear with me if I do something weird! Haha. My cat, Princess, had a litter of 6 kittens about 3 weeks ago. I have noticed (this might get a lil graphic... ) that her litter box is COMPLETELY full after one day... her usually little tiny poops are HUGE, and they're orangish. Is this just due to her breastfeeding and taking care of her kittens? Or is there something else I should be more concerned about? Not only am I worried about Princess, but its NO fun to clean! haha. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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She really needs an additional litter pan. The color of her stool depends on what you are feeding her? Quality food is much better than the type of food you buy on the local grocer's shelf. Especially if she is nursing, I would be feeding her Iams dry kitten food to help keep her sustained.
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Thank you for your help. So you're telling me that the increase in the frequency of her litter-box-usage is normal? I am definitley planning on changing her cat food, I think that's what's causing the color, and perhaps the slight runniness as well.
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Is it possible that the kittens are using h box as well? I don't know what age they start, but its a possibility. You'll definatly need to add another box when they do start going.
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She should be on a high quality kitten food like Nutro or Chicken Soup or something like that. If you are feeding any food with pieces that are red, containing red dye, then stop, that is not a good thing to be feeding an animal. Makes a lot of cats throw up or have gross poop. High quality food will also cut back on so many trips to the litterbox. Add a second litterbox and maybe a couple more small ones when the kittens are a little older so the mother can start teaching them how to use it. Has she been vaccinated and wormed and everything to rule out worm or anything?
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