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corkys first night

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Well was finally allowed to bring Corky home with me 2 nights ago. And was suprised how well she has fitted in, as she has been in her foster home for over 3 monthes.
But on the first night she wandered round downstairs and then spent the night lying on my lap. I think anyone who is trying to stop smoking should get themselves a cat, as I didn't have a ciggie all night for fear of disturbing Corky.

Introducing her to Gizmo the rabbit seems to be going well, they currently spend 10 minutes a day together and she hasnt chased him yet. Instead Gizmo runs up to her and Corky throws herself on her back.

So far she's only got a couple of bad habits, mainly lying in wait on the stairs to swipe at your feet and biting when she's playful
Ive been trying hissing at her when she does this and it does seem to be helping.
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They're so much fun. I know it's bad, but it's funny when they pounce on your feet! Corky sounds like a corker! (That's an old fashioned word, isn't it?)
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Corky sounds like a cutie pie! have any pics to share?
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