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We have a little thief in the house!

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Ling is something else.....

This morning I was making my turkey sandwich and both the dog and Ling got a sample taste cause they were right in the kitchen. I had put my sandwich in a plastic bag and sat it next to my cereal to take to work.

I went in the other room for some snak mix and when I returned NO sandwich was on the counter I looked around and checked where our dog lays thinking she stole it - no sandwich; no guilty look either.

I looked in the hall, no sandwich. Looked in the living room and heard someone on the steps - turned on the light and about 1/2 way up was Ling sitting on the steps and a plastic bag on the step below her!

She ran up the steps as I approached and I said "you LITTLE THIEF" and retrieved my sandwich - luckily she had not got it open. I think she was trying to get it up the steps to hide in the room and work on it.

Darn cat!
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That's a cute story.
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LOL the things are fur babies do
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Aw, that sounds so cute..When I am eating cereal, Trout will pretend she wants to cuddle on my lap to get closer to the cereal bowl..and then try to dip her paw in the milk when I'm unsuspecting
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Funny story, I had a cat once that was in full running stride, jumped on and slid across the coffee table, and grabbed a $20 Bill in her mouth that was lying on the table, then ran like hell back to her bed in the corner of the closet! This all happened right in front of me as I was watching TV. I went to the area where she took the money and I found some other things that were M.I.A. too -like a comb, a couple of pens, some paper clips, etc.

True story!
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I would have loved to have caught her dragging the bag to the living room and steps (without the dog trying to get it) because she's 11 months old and about the size of a 6 month old kitten (mom was really little) - the bag/sandwich was not that much smaller then she was.

My DH also caught her stealing the package of raw bacon we had on the counter a few weeks ago. We have to put any meat in a pan and cover it if its on the counter before cooking. Or lock up the little Ling thief!
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My Rambo does that. He steals anything that's in a crinkly bag...i.e. muffins from Tim Hortons, bags of temptations etc. If i accidently leave a bag of temptations out...guaranteed in 10 minutes he will have dragged it off somewhere to enjoy at his leisure!!! lol
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I swear Tab can hear a chocolate bar being unwrapped from a mile away. Within seconds she is sat right next to me trying to swipe it with her paw. I never ever give her any as i know chocolate is very bad for her but she won't give up. I think she must have got the taste from a choccie biscuit i left on the table once. She sits and drools just like a dog. It's great for my diet though because i feel too guilty to eat the stuff now.
She also tries to steal my dinner if i have pasta in tomato sauce and always has to lick the stick when i have an icecream bar.
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How boring would your life be without lovely little Ling, the sandwich thief?

Mom always said kids kept her young, maybe LIng is just trying to keep you young!
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My cat Marco's philosophy is, if it's in a bag, it's got to be good! He's always trying to tear bags open with his teeth.
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I've owned rexes for almost 20 yrs and I know how nutty they are - Ling takes the cake!
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My little black kitty (Chade) is a thief. And she has a stash too. My son went in to use his sink one morning. And the stopper was gone. Now Chade is small and the stopper is almost as tall as she is. We found the stopper in the living room on top of the recycled newspaper bin. We retrieved the stopper and put it back.

Several nights later I hear these funny noises, but I don't worry about it. With 2 cats and a dog there are all sorts of funny noises. Sure enough, my son went in to use his sink and the stopper was gone again. This time it took us a week to find the stopper. Chade had "stashed" it. She had also stashed some other treasures - a mouse toy, a crinkly wrapper she had found, and a scrap from the dog bed she had worked loose. We finally locate the stopper while looking for something else. So we put it back.

The stopper is safe for several days. And then we catch her in action. How she worked it loose is beyond us, but she was determined. And it was so funny to see her carrying that heavy metal thing out of the bathroom, so proud of herself. We laughed so hard.

My male cat isn't interested in a life of crime at all. He's older so maybe he's trying to set an example. Or he's a true tabby and just tolerates the whole human thing anyway.

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