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New Pics of Momma

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Momma is doing good and getting uncomfortable, all she does is sleep and eat, oh and clean herself. She has been sleeping in weird positions. Here are some pics I took this morning. In the last pic she is sleeping, but her head is up, its weird, but you can see how uncomfortable she must be feeling....heres Momma...

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I just noticed that in the fourth pic you can see the lump of a kitten on her side if you look closley, cool!
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Oh cool! Very beautiful cat.
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What a beauty!!
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poor thing is so uncomfortable, but looking so cute in her pregnant state.
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You can just see her thinking, "And just think how much MORE trouble these little kits will be when they're born!!"
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awww mama is such a pritty girl im sure her babies will be beautiful!
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OH she's so beautiful! How far along is she?
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Thank you everyone.
I dont know when she is due, when i got her she was pregnant already. I think she will have them soon though, they have been kicking like crazy, she is so tired though, she never moves, poor thing.
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she's having a big litter.. be ready ...
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She's gorgeous! Lovely colouring...
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how can you tell if she is having a big litter?

Lets take a many kittens do you guys think Momma will have?
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I say 5 kittens.
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i wil go 6
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I will venture off to a big number I say 7
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Here are some more pics of Momma, in the last one you can really see hoe big she is, I took these this morning.

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She looks really close if not due now.
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Whoa! She is getting big! When is she due?
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I have absolutly no idea when she is due. I thought she was gonna have them last week, so maybe this is the week for babies. I'll keep you guys posted!
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how long has she looked pregnant to your knowledge.
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I think that she looks like she is going to have a big litter. I thinking at least 6 or 7 babies. good luck.
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How is winter this morning.
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good. still pregnant. she seems to be eating less which is a good sign of her having them soon. Well at least that is what she did last time. I have been giving her KMR and she has been loving that.
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Sittles likes hers too. Her sides look like golf balls
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Well I got Momma on the 20th of March, that same day I noticed she had a slight belly and it felt weird.I took her to the vet on March 24th and the vet guessed she was 2 weeks pregnant, but i think she was more like three. I read somewhere that they dont start showing till 3-4 weeks, and on the 24th she was showing a little.

I hope they come soon im so excited. My boyfriend is having a tough time right now with family health issues and having little kittens around would definitly cheer him up.
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how far along is skittles again?
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due they said may 19th latest...
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20th March then she is due now around this week..
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Originally Posted by Callista
You can just see her thinking, "And just think how much MORE trouble these little kits will be when they're born!!"
Oh, yeah - and she is sooo right! I can sure commiserate how she feels. But what a beautiful mamakitty she is - I can scarcely wait to see the kits! And, BTW, {{{prayers & vibes}}} for your BF's family!!!
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