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Mods...A thank you

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It has been awhile since we thanked TCS's all volunteer Mod Squad,
for the work that they do on TCS.

From the birth of our kitties, to their Crossing the Bridge,
we can feel confident that we are in a safe, well run environment, where we share information and receive much need support about our kitties...
thanks to the hard work of TCS's Mods.

The friendships that we enjoy on TCS,
with like minded people from all over the world, happen...
because of you,
our wonderful Mods.

please join me in thanking our Mods,
for donating their valuable time,
to help make TCS the best site on the web.

Thank You Mods

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Absolutely! Thanks to all of you, you just make this place what it is and there is always a few of you around to help people who need it. You are all so dedicated and fab
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Thank You Mods!!
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Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great idea Lei!

(My gift to y'all: cookies that contain 0 calories )
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Yes, thanks soooooo much to all of you! For being so dedicated and patient, and so much more. We couldn't enjoy TCS without you.


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I agree! The mods are GREAT!
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Thanks Mods!!! You do an awesome job!!!
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Thanks Mods!

you do a lot, including put up with all our shenanigans
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They do a great job here, and it is always appreicated!

Thank you mods!!
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Thats so sweet of you Lei, and all of you!

This is like a 2nd job to me but i love it just as much, along with you members that go with it
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Thanks Mods!
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Thank you Mods and Mentors!!!
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You guys are so kind! Thank you!
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Thank you all for your vote of confidence.
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What a lovely thing to wake up to! Thank you everyone!
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Thank YOU guys! The members are what really makes this site special.
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You are all wonderful!!!
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I agree! The Mods deserve a huge Thank you!!!
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Big thanks Mods!
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Thank you mods! without you the trolls would be running rampant! LOL!
you all are doing a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks Mods and Mentors!!!!!!
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Lei, that is so sweet. Thank you everyone! As Christy said, it is the members that make it special!
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Thanks for all you do!!!

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*gives each moderator a big HUG and a big THANK YOU!*

with a virtual BOX OF CHOCOLATES!
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Fran, Danielle is going to read this later. I don't know if she will be happy with "virtual" chocolate!
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Great Job Mods!!!
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I'd like to add a very special thank you to our Mentors for all of their dedicated work! Thank you, Beth, Chris, and Tanya, for all you do!
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Thanks to everyone who makes this site great, mods and members.
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