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moving madness

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We're getting ready to move this weekend. Well, I am - my husband thinks I'm overdoing it (ie why don't you just leave everything to the last minute?)
Anyway, I've emptied the all the bookcases and laid them on their sides so that the don't fall over onto the cats. The cats are going bananas! Running around checking everything out, chasing each other into the bookcases, jumping up into the empty cupboards I left open for them. And of course they had to investigate all the plastic bags full of stuff that I've piled up in the living room. Their curiousity peaked at around 4 am no respect for human sleeping patterns! They keep jumping up the walls and batting at all the holes I've puttied over. Pushkin was a big help when I was taking down pictures.
I'm worried how they'll settle into their new apartment this weekend. It should be interesting as we're just moving upstairs. I have a feeling they'll keep escaping and trying to come home again! I hope the new tenants like cats knocking at their door.
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It is so cute how kitties try to "help" their people. Does Pushkin "help" you make the beds, too?
GOOD LUCK with the move! I moved last weekend. Moving out is such a pain but moving IN to a new place is a blast!
Do your cats handle moves well? If they seem anxious, try plugging in a Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser the night before you move the cats in- works like a charm!
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I feel for you, my dear! I hate moving, and I have done it so many times, I hate to even get comfortable somewhere, because I know I am going to have to do it again, eventually. Kitties are always such a big help. too. Fred got packed several times during various moves, so I had to learn to always check before taping a box shut.
Best of luck on your move and getting settled in!
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Best of luck with your move!!, my fiance and myself are also moving this weekend!
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Thanks for the moving vibes! We're just literally moving upstairs, so there's no big car ride for the cats. That would stress everyone out. When my friend moved, I had to drive her while she held her cat who yowled and pooped all the way. Poor guy. I just hate putting my boys through the stress of a car ride. I'm sure they'll love their new apartment as it has lots of windows and is nice and sunny.
Miss Mew - good luck with your move this weekend. I hope Reilly is calm for the car ride up.
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