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Since it seems like all we talk about is food around here I was wondering if any of you eat breakfast? I had some healthy oatmeal this morning.
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I have a Special K breakfast bar (cranberry this morning). It's low-cal and yummy, but not at ALL filling. I always end up snacking before lunch .
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I had class this morning at 6:30 so I didn't have time to eat breakfast. I did stop and get a chocolate milk though. It was healthy
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Only if I'm hungry and I have time. Sometimes I'm not too hungry in the morning when I have a midnight snack. This morning though I'm having what I've discovered (in Ireland) to be my new favorite breakfast cereal!! (Multi-grain Cheerios, they're actually kinda sweet and I love that they're actually *healthy* too!!)
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I love honey nut cheerios...then I usually have a granola bar mid-morning
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I start my morning with my perfect cup of coffee (I make exactly the same way every morning) lately its cereal or toast w/pnut butter. I eat about 7 am If I have a longer "job" to do like tomorrow I will probably eat more protein -eggs for instance to sustain me longer as I end up having a snack mid morning too around 10:00!!
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I notice that if I eat breakfast I am starving again by 10:00. If I don't eat breakfast I can make it until noon without eating.
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I had mini wheats this morning...Blech!! I don't actually like them, but there was nothing else, and If I don't eat breakfast, I get violently ill during the day..ew.
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I feel too tired to eat first thing so I have a banana at work about 10am and drink plenty of water, this stops me being hungry again before lunch.
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I love breakfast. It is one of my favorite meals of the day.
oatmeal with raisins
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I had a huge craving for guacamole .... so that's what I had.
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Breakfast is my favorite, but I can never eat before at least 11 everyday, or I get sick, I don't know why?

But on weekends when I get up late, I eat breakfast! But never during the week.
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I usually have my trusty (cold) toaster pastry and a couple cups of coffee when I get settled in at work, about 9. I have oatmeal here also, but I rarely eat it And I'll admit it, I have had a candy bar for breakfast but I figure they're not much worse than the toaster pastries
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I always eat breakfast everyday. This morning I had a piece of toast with peach jam.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
Since it seems like all we talk about is food around here I was wondering if any of you eat breakfast? I had some healthy oatmeal this morning.
Oh crap!! My friend gave me some of the quaker weight control oatmeal to try and I forgot to bring it home with me .

Well this morning I had a scoop of fiber in some orange juice. I probably should eat more than just that....
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I cant eat as soon as i get up i need to givt it atleast 30 mins.
When i go to my german course i get up at 7 and eat at 8 am
This morning i had thos diat crackers with the orange irish cheese hmm yum!
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I had a yummy bacon eggs and cheese bagel this morning!
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Two thick slices of toast with Weight Watchers strawberry jam and a mug of coffee.

I must sit and have my breakfast no matter what or my day is ruined
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I'm not much interested in food before about nine, so weekdays, it's a cup of coffee while I check email and drop in here, then I pick up a muffin on the way to my office -- the coffee shop in the lobby has really nice blueberry muesli muffins Then I'm good until lunch, and don't even eat heavily then.

Weekends are different: we don't get up as early, so it's brunch around 10:30 or 11, and that's a fairly hearty meal usually, but then we don't have another until dinner, which is seldom earlier than 8.
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Scrambled eggs with 2 slices of well peppered bacon, and mashed cauliflower..good sprinkle of hot sauce over all
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Nothing yet.
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I always find something to eat, healthy or not. I have my classes set up perfect. I eat breakfast, leave for class at 8:15, get to class around 9am. I get out of class at 10am, so I have 1/2 hour for a snack. If I don't get a snack, I will always eat a bowl of Cheerios(normal ones). I always hungry for lunch, though!
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Not a big breakfast eater here. Today I did have some grapes and a banana nut bar with my daughter.
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I usually eat cereal or a bagel with cream cheese. I don't like many breakfast foods. I LOVE waffles, I hate eggs, I hate sausage, and I LOVE bacon.
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I had a BLT combo for breakfast - I've had McDonalds TWICE these school holidays. I'll admit I hardly ever have it but it was yummy!
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I usually have a ginormous cup of coffee, this fills me up till about noon. If I do actually eat in the morning, it is usually weight-smart banana bread oatmeal. If I am being bad and not health concious, then I love biscuits and gravy with bacon,,,mmm good!!
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Two English Muffins, either with low fat ricotta or low fat cream cheese, and coffee.
Used to be juice as well, but can't tolerate citric acid first thing in the morning these days.
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Ive been up since 9:30 and only had a cuppa tea its now like 11:45 I fink its time for breakfast Still havent decided what to eat though
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cereal for me this morning!
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Nothing right now, however I think I'll have it right about now. Granola with honey and milk .... mmmm
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