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Amorous Siamese?!

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Our 2 year old male Siamese cat has been acting strangely for the past two weeks.

At night time when we are in bed, he jumps up on the bed and positions himself on one of our legs and starts treading and purring like crazy. He straddles our leg like he is mating and even sometimes bites the blanket. He doesn't thrust in movement as in mating but everything else is similar.

He then just continues to purr and tread until either he is pushed off or until he's finished whatever it is he is doing.

He is now doing this everynight and morning. He has been neutered for over a year now. He is an indoor apartment cat and lives with his male friend Judas.

Any experience of this?

Then there's the screaming at 6am........oh don't get me started!!!
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My best guess is that there is a female in heat somewhere outside and he can smell her.
Neutering takes away the urge and the ability to reproduce, but it can't completely take away the instinct, especially if he was sexually mature by the time he was neutered.
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My male cat acted out mating for several years while he was young. As he got older this behavior stopped.
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My Siamese is always amorous, he likes to rub his face all over me and sit right on me or at least wedged against my side, he wasn't neutered till later in life, but he's like this all the time so all my girls are spayed, but I supposed there might be a kitty outside, I just like to think Simon loves me
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