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Kittens Now

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ME and my brother were checking on the black cat ..IT IS HAVING KITTENS NOW!!! I'll keep you guys posted it just had its second one...1st one has a lovely orange(dark) streak on its head and it is black
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3rd one just came out!
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There are 5 now!! we are waiting a bit to see if there will be a 6th one
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The first one sounds beautiful. Keep us posted and if you can, post some pics for us.
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Thanks I'll post picks just as soon as I come from my soccer game (6) and start charging the battery for it. They look all so awesome.
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What is the final count wow this is sweet all the Mommy's are having there babies.
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Final Count...6 ..there was 5 when we went to sleep because we waited 10 minutes to see if any would come out then we just put them in a big low leveled card board box (so mom could get out and eat) and Right now Sable (i guess we call her now) is feeding them and they look so cool!
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I am glad there was no trouble
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congrats!!!! i cant wait to see pictures!!!
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What's goin on now? Sable is trying carrying the cats by mouth into a corner side of the house the babies where it is not safe. I locked them in the bathroom with them in the cardboard box,with food. She is trying to hide the kittens I guess.
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She might feel her babies are not safe.
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Noise, light, a lot of traffic... Lots of things can make a cat want to move kittens... 'Course the cat doesn't think the way we do, and can think our "perfect" nesting spot is simply horrid...

Maybe you can look at where she is moving the kittens and find a similar, safer spot for her... like if it's dark and quiet, find her another dark, quiet spot...
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Well she's fine now We blocked the part where she was trying to move them because that spot is dangerous. She is normal now and the kittens are cuddling together and sleeping right now. Wish I can find the charger for the digital camera battery so I can show you guys them.
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Originally Posted by Blindside462
Thanks I'll post picks just as soon as I come from my soccer game (6) and start charging the battery for it. They look all so awesome.
Awesome? How about cute??

Can't wait to see pics soon! I hope you can find the charger......
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I bet that is a cute sight no batteries....
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Do any of you guys know if there is a big comfy thing for the kittens and a mother cat to lay down in at petsmart or some other store? So we don't just have to use a big cardboard thing.
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get a cat carrier they have nice cheap onse.
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We have our kittens in a cardboard box lined with newspaper and we replace a clean babies nappy everyday - it's best to have something you can remove and wash each day so the babies stay nice and healthy.
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Hahahah I just noticed this. We have a really fiesty kitten. He/She is sucking on a nipple and everytime the other kitten tries the fiesty kitten just keeps swiping (very fast) at the kitten and keep sucking
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He.She will be a surviver later on
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I love watching kittens fight over titty
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hahaha my little orange one (Buddha) did that to my little grey one (Habusaki). Buddha usually wins though. hahaha. it is such a funny thing to see. i'm glad all is well!
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