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i finally got them uploaded. trying to figure out how to get them here
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ok i am really confused I do not see a link. anyway have to go help my mom will try later.
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if you see the picture it will give you a link copy it.
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ok I have no idea if i did this right but i am hoping it worked. i am trying to post two pictures of winter and one of smokey.

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yeah it worked !!!!!!!!
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She is a pretty mommy Use the IMG link and it will show up here
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thank you for your help. can you tell me how to make the picture of her show up with all my responses.
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like the sig I have of Skittles it is under User CP.. There is a thread on it. Need to search...Right now am to worried where Skittles is.
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hope everything is ok with her.
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Both cats are beautiful
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Have you checked her temp lately...
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no not lately. did you find skittles? is she fine?
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Yep I posted a different thread on it.. She was a little devil.
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just like kids
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yep. She has 11 days to go and am going to be a reck
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I highly doubt she will go 11 more days by the look of her in that pic you posted in the other thread. She looks ready to go anytime.
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That she does but they are so darn unpredictable. I will not cross my fingers LOL...
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