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winter's temp.

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Winters rectal temp is 99.4 is that low enough or does it need to drop more than that before she goes into labor. she had been hiding out but now she follows me everywhere I go and is now eating like a horse again. The past few days she had not eaten hardly anything. any answers as to whether or not I should be expecting them soon?
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It really depends on what her normal body temperature is normally, but yes, I would assume that since it has dropped that labor is impending in the next 24-48 hours.
I have had cats stop eating before labor, so that is a good sign that things are progressing, but if she goes back to eat from time to time, that is normal too. A few of my girls will pig out right before delivery.
It does sound like it will be soon. She may want you to sit next to the birthing box with her, and reassure her.
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thank you very much. Everyone has been a great help to me this time.
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I have never taken the temp, but my queen doesn't eat just before she goes into labor, but she has many different changes in bahavior I can tell right away when shes ready. Good luck, it sounds like it will be soon
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I did the temp thing... didn't work, it was like 99. somthing for 4-5 days. Also missy ate like a pig right up untill she started labor,hat might be the cause with winter ,is this her first litter?
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no this is her second litter.
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well she may repete patterns? how many day is she?
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not really sure. I never let her out after january. so I think that my 6 yr. old must have let her out and let her back in without me knowing it. she has been nesting for 1 1/2 weeks now. except today she has been following me or laying next to me and if I get up and walk away she looks at me like where do you think you are going.
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Originally Posted by ILOVEMYCAT
well she may repete patterns? how many day is she?
Wow my spelling sux anyway Missy did that hours befor she went check her for blood after she pottys thats what happened to missy after that it was like a half hour.
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I hope so as she is very uncomfortable.
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any pics of her to share?
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in a couple of days i will develop the pictures I took of her. I am kinda old fashioned about the digital camera thing and can't seem to get a good picture of her with my cell phone.
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do you wanna see my babies?
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yes i would love pictures
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Give me one sec
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ok I am really excited I love cats and Kitties
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Here is my prissy Missy

Here is Tiny

Here is Cotton

Here is spock the vet named him that cause on both paws his tow front toe are webed together like Spock on Startrack

Last but not least Tom cat

I love them all so much I hope to keep Spock but he is a high comodaty
plus my hubby says no but I working on him
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Oh my god they are so cute I want one. How old are they
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They will be three weeks on thursday They are so cute and are starting to play w/eacht other like batting and bitting I can't wait till they are bing binging all around. oh yeah how is winter is she bleeding did you check?
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I did check and I do not see anything yet. How long do they usually nest for
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some say a week truth be told I really dont know missy really didn't touch her nest till the day before and then it was justalittle but the day of she kept making me go in there with her following me everywhere and cryin at me till i went to the nest I had to sit w/ and rub her belly
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Ok i will keep a close eye on her. Just getting kinda worried for her.
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Yeah I was over crazy bout missy ,the vet said she was havin 6-7 so i was worried of complications . like dead ones or really hard labor and then all my fear came true she started 8pm and had two by 2am then the 3rd was dead . then nothing till10 am so i took her in for some shots to help induce, at first they didn't work and the vets wanted to give her a c-section (omg) but we waited it out. An a hour later they called and said she had two more one still ,so an hour later I called and thats when we had spock then @ 3pm I went to get my 6yr old from school and tried to get her ,she had one more but they would't let me take her cause she was bleeding bright red so I had to wait till 5pm to get her and after two days one more died so now there are only four sorry the story is so long . Its just I feel your pain and you never know what can happen, every one said dont worry cause I was spasin but how could I not spas? I hope cause it's Winters 2nd every thing will go as planed ? I will pray for you sanity as well
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I hope everything will go as planned this time. last time she got pretty sick. I came home from work to take her to the vet cause of her bowel movements and I found her under my bed with 6 kittens and I got to watch the 7th one be born and She did not clean it or anything I have to clean it and get rid of the placenta the whole 9 yards. I guess that is why I am so woried for her this time. She has been hiding out lately and then today she has been glued to my side. Which is very out of character for her as she is not a really loveable cat. she hardley ever wants to be petted. she is a cat that wants to be left alone most of the time, but the last 5 or 6 days she has wanted to be pet all the time. i think her always staying clear of people is because she is scared my kids will get to her. I have 2 girls they both have there birthdays in july and they will be 6 and 3. Think they see how they carry around the other cat and does not want to be handled that way. not sure how long I should let her go before I get her into the vet to see if there is something wrong. last time she nested for a week to two weeks guess I can't really remeber but I know it was in that time frame though. she is not as big as last time though so hoping we don't have another 7 this time. i have homes for three for sure so like four would be an ok number. I do have a waiting list as I will not promise more than out right now. Not sure how much longer I can let her go as she seems to be getting depressed.
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The pictures of Missy and her babies are adorable!

How did Winter do through the night? Hope everything is going ok!
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she is still pregnant. she seems to be getting depressed more and more each day. I am going to take my daughter to the park today so she can be alone for awhile. Not to long but for a while so maybe she can feel like she can have her babies. Should I be taking her in she is getting depressed? Or just give her till the end of the week?
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I honestly would because she is 107 day in her pregnancy, but you said the vet is giving her till monday... Let us know
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She has been getting very depressed. But now she is hiding under my bed I hope this means maybe she is starting labor. If not i will be bringing her in in the next two days if she does not have them as I need her to be looked at to see what is going on with her.
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Poor thing, I remember the feeling (I went two weeks over with my boys). I think it will be soon. Cats are very intuitive, if she remains depressed I would take her in, she may know something we don't
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I really hope there is nothing wrong with her or her kittens. I really do not want anything to happen to the kittens but winter is my main concern right now. my cats are like my kids. My husband actually said one time that when he dies he wants to come back as one of my cats. he says I treat them better than him. LOL
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