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So hanging from the living room window are about ten crystals. I don't know if anyone else has these, but they make beautiful rainbows when the sun is at the right position and also make wonderful gifts. So, while taking pictures of my kitties ( ) I decided to see what would happen if I took some pictures of them!

Here is the window (you can just barely see the little crystals hanging there):

These are some of the rainbows:

This one was being disrupted by some kind of plant... It looks neat though!

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I have prisms hanging in my bedroom! I love sitting in there in the afternoon. It's so light and rainbow-y!
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Cool! I'll try to buy some of those.
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Pretty, pretty! I love crystals!!!!
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Yes, they are very pretty! I took a few more photos today...

This was about 10 minutes later:

Sherm loves to chase the rainbows!

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Those are beautiful..
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Jack Daniels doesn't let me hang anything near, or on HIS window.
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Oh, THAT'S neat! I'll have to try that!
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Those are great photos! I love hanging crystals too!

Tibby and Molly were constantly finding the rainbows from my Mum's crystals and 'protecting' them too!
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